Pages with category and tag


Stránkám přidá kateorie a tagy.

Snímky obrazovky


  1. Nahrajte pages-with-category-and-tag adresář do /wp-content/plugins/ adresáře.
  2. Aktivujte plugin prostřednictvím nabídky ‚Pluginy‘ ve WordPressu
  3. Stránkám přidá kategorie a tagy.

Nejčastější dotazy

Will the URL change if I set a category for a page?

No, it doesn’t change.

I have set a category, but it is not displayed on the page.

This plugin does not have any display functions. It will not be displayed if your theme is not compatible.


18. 7. 2024
Much appreciation for this plugin… Have been using a different one for creating page categories for years, but that one has recently been removed from the WP plugin repository… Installing this one and removing that one from site keeps all the same categories going and working in same way, seamlessly, zero tweaks… And so again, Thanks…!🙏🌻
30. 3. 2024
Hello. I see all tags and categories are being SHARED between posts and pages. This I do not want. For example I’d like to show a tag cloud relating to PAGES only. Yet it will show obviously all tags relating to both. I add a tag to a page and it’s duplicated for the standard post type too. Could there not be as setting whereby one can choose for them to be completely seperate?
27. 3. 2024
Hello, Thank you for providing this plugin. It has proven to be quite useful for me. I have a proposal and a request at the same time: Could you consider adding an option to the filter for pages without a category? Thank you!
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