OneID® – Age Verification Identity Solution


The official WordPress Plugin for OneID® from OneID Limited. Allows WooCommerce store owners to verify the age of their customers before purchase.

Key Features

Free: OneID is free to use! 

Painless Integration: Download the plugin, register, and off you go! 

Only Share Necessary Data: Customers only share the data that is required.  

Legally Compliant: Meet all current regulations for your products and services. 

Complete Market Coverage: Age check anyone with an online UK bank account. 

Hassle Free: No document uploads, live selfies, or manual checks are required. 

Signing Up

You can try the product first try it free here to register for Sandbox-only access.

Once you have completed trialing and are ready to progress, complete this form to register for Production access.

About OneID® Age Verification

Be confident you’re meeting legal requirements with OneID®, a fully regulated online identity and age verification service. 

Our fast, simple, and secure identity checks let you verify the age of your customers in real-time before they’ve placed their order – saving you time, hassle, and security risk.  

How does it work?

Whenever you need to verify the age of your customers, OneID® can help. 

Instead of relying on customers to check a box, enter their birthday, or go through a lengthy document upload process, OneID® lets your customers verify themselves in real-time, before their purchase, in a matter of seconds.  

Customers verify they are eligible to buy age-restricted goods via the information held at their bank. You can rest easy knowing your customers are protected, your business is protected, and your customer experience remains hassle-free! 

Our age verification checks allow you to easily conduct regulation-compliant age verification in seconds for WooCommerce stores selling age-restricted products such as:  

  • Alcohol

  • E-Cigarettes and Vapes

  • Kitchenware (Knives)

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Fireworks

  • Pets and live animals

  • DVDs and Games

  • Home improvement and DIY tools (knives, tools, corrosive, or noxious substances)

  • Gardening (tools, sharp objects, noxious substances, and some seeds)

  • And any other products/ services you’d like to restrict access to.

Pricing Plan

  • No monthly subscription charges.

  • Free age verification checks.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Hassle Free and Legally Compliant
  • Complete Market Coverage

Nejčastější dotazy

How Do I Configure Age Restricted Products?

The plugin comes with three pre-set age restriction tags that can be assigned to products using the Products tab on the WordPress admin dashboard. These age restrictions are:
* Age Over 18

Are these the only Age Restrictions that I can apply?

At present, yes, however, we are working on future improvements to allow for a greater range of age restrictions to be configured.

Can I Test this Service?

Yes, using the OneID® plugin tab on the WordPress admin dashboard, you can toggle the integration between our Production and Sandbox environments. The Sandbox integration is set up with a Model Bank and test users so that you can mock up the process before integrating with the live service. To integrate with either environment, your site must use TLS (i.e. be accessed via HTTPS).

What if a Customer Fails to Verify their Age?

On the OneID® plugin tab on the WordPress admin dashboard we give you the option to ‘Allow Customers to Skip Age Verification’. If this is switched on, customers are presented with a button to bypass OneID® and are presented with an on-screen message instructing them that they are not bypassing Age Verification, only doing so via our product. You will still be required to verify their age through another means. If this setting is switched off, customers must complete the OneID® to proceed to Checkout – customers then will pass or fail OneID® age verification. We utilize the Order Notes and Order Tags to inform you at the order level what journey and outcome the customer took and whether a different method of Age Verification is required.

Can I Configure the Prompts on my Site’s Front-End?

Merchants can manually add a short code to show age restriction prompts on Product pages, in any of the sections that accept short codes. When the Age Verification service is enabled, prompts will always show on carts containing age-restricted products, and the OneID button will always appear on the checkout. The location and appearance of these prompts are fixed.

Is this Compatible with One-Click Checkout Providers?

No, unfortunately for the Age Verification process to work most effectively, any One-Click checkout options must be disabled.

Can I Configure the merchant skipped email content?

Yes, using the configuration settings under Woocommerce > Settings > Age Verification Pending


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