Ochatbot – Free AI chatbot for eCommerce & Leads


What is Ochatbot?

Ochatbot is an eCommerce Chatbot, Business LeadBot and Support Chatbot

We Guarantee Over a 3X ROI or Your Next Month is Free
That’s right! We are so confident that Ochatbot will increase your sales, AOV, and reduce your support tickets that we provide an eCommerce Guarantee* with our Pro and Enterprise plans. Learn More

Increase Store Revenue
Engage with customers to increase sales revenues and average order value. Capture abandoned carts and offer upsells from Ochatbot.

Shopping & Support Assistant
Help shoppers quickly find what they need and recommend relevant products. Answer customer’s #1 question: „Where’s my order?“

Easy to Create
Free, No coding chatbot. Import your WooCommerce products, automatically create add to cart buttons, pre-built forms, surveys, FAQ modules, intents and reporting. Get started in 5 minutes.

How Does Ochatbot Work?

Ochatbot engages customers and helps them find the right product, handles support questions & captures abandon carts. The reporting provides insightful marketing and sales information. Installation is simple and imports all your SKUs on setup.

  • Fast and easy setup by importing all your product SKUs
  • Chat window shows product text and pics and directly adds to cart
  • Customers who engage with Ochatbot are more likely to purchase and have higher sales revenues
  • The shopping assistant AI chatbot asks questions and directs them to the product they need quickly simplifying complex navigation
  • Capture abandoned orders from cart and checkout
  • Automatic order status and tracking
  • Includes other engagement tools like exit intent popups, mobile banners, offers sliders and more
  • Create your Ochatbot yourself for free, or with our Pro plan you can have your Ochatbot built for you to your specifications

Average sales revenues increase 15% to 35% when customers engage with Ochatbot
By quickly overcoming customer buying obstacles and assisting them to the right product your shop may see a lift in order revenues when they engage with Ochatbot. Ochatbot also shows product images, videos and text and allows them to be added to the cart directly from the chat window reducing the time to find products and add them to the cart.

Abandoned Cart
Alert customers of abandoned items in the cart and incomplete checkouts.

Order Status
Answer customer’s #1 question: „Where’s my order?“ with order status and order tracking.

Ochatbot requires no programming
The easy no code setup connects all of your product SKUs into Ochatbot on installation.

Natural Language Processing
Answer questions outside of a particular topic naturally, jumping from one topic to another like a human.

Awesome Support
We are not satisfied unless you are. So don’t hesitate to contact us for questions.

Ochatbot reporting provides marketing insights
These insights indicate the obstacles that are getting in the way of your customers making a purchase.

The Ochatbot Engagement Question Module
Ochatbot allows you to create any type of branching conversation you may have with your customers to answer their questions and get around sales obstacles to purchase quickly.

Page Targeting
Engage visitors with the right questions at the right time.

The Ochatbot Shopping Assistant Module
Ochatbot allows quick input for all the FAQ type questions your visitors have.

Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows
Connect to 1000’s of CRM and email systems with a Zapier connection.

9 Bonus Engagement Tools
Live Chat, Exit Popups, Mobile Banners, Lead & Offer Sliders and more.


  1. If you already have an account at Ometrics, just activate the plugin, connect to your Ometrics account on the Settings > Ochatbot - AI chatbot for eCommerce & Leads page, and your Ochatbot will appear on your site.
  2. You can create your free account at Ometrics.com.
  3. Create your Ochatbot and adjust your configuration at Ometrics.com.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Create chatbot questions and responses quickly and easily, and easily preview and test your chatbot.
  • View detailed reports showing Ochatbot usage and revenue generated.
  • Easy to read graphs of key performance indicators.
  • Connect your "Ochatbot - AI chatbot for eCommerce & Leads" to your free Ometrics account. (Make sure you log in with your Ometrics account credentials.)
  • Your Ometrics account has been successful connected!


  1. Install Ochatbot – AI chatbot for eCommerce & Leads either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the ochatbot-and-ometrics-conversion-optimization-tools directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate Ochatbot – AI chatbot for eCommerce & Leads through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. If you don’t already have an account, get your free Ometrics account here:
  4. Connect your Ometrics account going to the Settings > Ochatbot - AI chatbot for eCommerce & Leads menu, and use your Ometrics credentials to connect your account to the plugin.

Nejčastější dotazy

What are the chatbot pricing plans?

Everyone gets to try all the Ochatbot features for two weeks, with no credit card required!

We have a FREE plan with basic features for smaller sites.

Our LeadBot plan gives you a full-featured LeadBot with pre-build lead generation chatbots for your specific industry.

The Basic plan is for small businesses and startups. It allows for more visitors and chatbot interactions.

The Plus plan is for larger businesses and allows you to specifically target engagement, plus tons of other advanced features.

In the Pro plan we build your Ochatbot for you! A dedicated Natural Language Processing engineer will consult with you to build the chatbot and train the chatbot daily.

See all of our plans and pricing here

Do you offer a FREE plan?

Yes! Sign up for free – no credit card required!

Will Ochatbot increase my sales?

Our clients see a 15% – 35% lift in revenue when customers engage with Ochatbot.

Can Ochatbot generate Leads for my business?

Yes! You can start getting leads in 60 seconds!

LeadBots are pre-built lead generation chatbots designed for each specific industry. They not only gather lead information but help in qualification and appointment setting. Benefits are:

  • 5% to 15% conversion rate and higher depending on the lead offer
  • Qualified leads so you don’t spend your time on customers that won’t close
  • Easy setup with customization

Learn more about LeadBot

What if I don’t have time to build my chatbot?

We can build it for you! Our Pro Plan includes chatbot consulting allowing you to focus on your business and not learn another technology. We will build and take care of the daily AI training of your chatbot. Let’s discuss your application and determine the best solution for your business.

Does Ochatbot support Images, Emojis & Videos?

Yes! Images, emojis and videos are supported in all versions.

How does Abandoned Cart messaging work?

You can set the amount of time for a cart to be considered abandoned (we recommend 12 hours). When a customer returns to your site, Ochatbot will notify them that they still have items in their cart and encourage them to checkout.

How does Upsell & Cross-Sell messaging work?

If you have Upsell or Cross-Sell products configured in WooCommerce, they will be automatically imported to your Ochatbot. Then, when someone adds a product to their cart the chatbot will suggest those other items to the customer.

Can my customers track their orders in Ochatbot?

Yes! Ochatbot can query your WooCommerce order history and show the customer their order status and tracking information.


17. 11. 2022
I tried 3 other chatbots. Ochabot was the only one that was easy to install and implement with WooCommerce. When I did have questions their support was helpful and above my expectations. The bot is bringing in sales. I get weekly reports and it's even soon to be on Facebook too. I waisted a lot of time and money on the other bots. Hopefully, this review will keep you from making the same mistakes.
10. 6. 2021
The chatbot is an awesome plugin that uses AI technology can literally talk to humans as a human being but you would not notice a difference if you were talking to a real person that's why this thing is so awesome they created a program that really does not have any competition at all when it comes to technology like this so keep up the good work and thank you for making this awesome plugin.
13. 4. 2021
This is an outstanding product that has generated a very high ROI week after week on top of providing a great customer service platform for our customers. Revenues, catalog requests, and recovered cart revenue has soared, and we are able to promote new products and promotions that instantly generate more revenue. This is one of the best investments we have made for our website, and we highly recommend it for any DTC online business.
24. 3. 2021
I have used Ochatbot on a couple sites from eCommerce to just doing support. I am seeing a lift in eCommerce sales and a drop in customer support tickets. Works well.
17. 3. 2021
I love this plugin! The AI chatbot answers order status questions from our visitors, and it also does abandoned cart messaging and upselling. So, we definitely have a positive ROI. The support is outstanding - they respond quickly and have helped us make our chatbot better and found ways to improve our sales and reduce our support tickets. More sales, more leads & less time dealing with support tickets - I can't ask for anything more!
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Ochatbot – Free AI chatbot for eCommerce & Leads je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • Renamed admin settings menu


  • Tested with WordPress 6.2.2


  • Script tag – remove id


  • Simplified javascript widget include – reduces chances of „flicker“ on certain themes. Tested with WordPress 6.0.2.


  • Update to fix CORS errors communicating with Ometrics.com API. Tested with WordPress 5.9.1


  • Tested with WordPress 5.9


  • Update for compatibility with SmartSlider plugin


  • Minor bug fix.


  • Minor bug fix.


  • Minor Bug fixes in admin panel.


  • Reapply Bug fix.


  • Bug fix.


  • Update version.


  • Update for missing changelog comments


  • Tested with WordPress 5.7


  • Bug fix in user registration.


  • Update plugin name.
  • Add settings link to plugin page.
  • Add conversion tracking in the plugin.
  • Allow registering a new account from the plugin settings page.
  • Allow resetting Ometrics password from the plugin settings page.
  • Allow activating/deactivating your chatbot from the plugin settings page.
  • Show instructions on setting and configuring your chatbot.


  • Bug fixes for WP Repository submission and clean up comments.
  • Fix directory path for view inclusions.


  • Minor bug fix.


  • New Feature – Upsell products in your Ochatbot. To configure upsells, go to your Ometrics dashboard and enable upsells in your Ochatbot. If you have upsells and/or cross sells configured in your WooCommerce site, you can automatically apply those to your Ochatbot by reimporting your product database. You may also manually configure your upsell products.


  • Minor bug fix for cart appearing to change when viewing cart page vs. other WooCommmerce pages in abandoned cart processing for Ochatbot. (Depending on WooCommerce settings, certain abandoned carts were being reset when it appeared that they had changed, when in fact it was just a change in a shipping price being applied to the cart on the cart page, but not applied on other pages.)


  • Minor bug fix in abandoned cart processing for Ochatbot.


  • Bug fix for plugin installations on non-WooCommerce sites.


  • Get shipment tracking for WooCommerce sites using the Shipment Tracking plugin.


  • Added automatic plugin updates


  • Initial version