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Customer Identity (CIAM) – miniOrange


The Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution by miniOrange provides secure customer registration and login experiences through WordPress and multiple login devices and with strong authentication methods. miniOrange offers CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) solutions for both Cloud and On-premise environments. It allows you to securely manage customer identity and profile data as well as control user access to applications and services on WordPress easily. CIAM also offers customized and branded experiences for consumers, businesses, and enterprise customers.

miniOrange CIAM solution for WordPress ensures a secure, seamless customer experience at extreme scale & performance whether it is web (or) mobile. Companies that use a Customer Identity solution can quickly onboard prospective customers by simplifying registration and providing Single Sign-On (SSO). In addition to acquiring customers faster, this solution helps organizations deliver frictionless user experiences and protect customer data throughout the customer lifecycle.

While IAM focuses on an inside solution (for employees), CIAM is a solution that focuses on the outside world (for external customers). Also, in a CIAM, users manage their own accounts and profiles. The CIAM Stores user data in a centralized cloud directory for maintaining customer profiles and data associated with it.

Multiple Login and Authentication methods:

  • Social Login:
    Social Login through CIAM for WordPress allows social login, social share & commenting using widely used apps like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Apple, Discord, Twitch, Line, Wechat, and 40 other apps available. Instead of requiring your visitors to waste time filling out the typical registration form, it allows them to register/login to your website using their social media profiles.

  • Single Sign-On:
    Single Sign-On simplifies the user’s onboarding process allowing users to register by signing up or using social registration. It allows users to log in to multiple applications by using just one set of credentials.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication:
    You can configure multiple WordPress 2FA/MFA methods like google authenticator, OTP over Email, OTP over SMS, etc., and choose any one method from a list of configured methods to use as 2FA/MFA for your WordPress website. Multi-factor authentication is helpful for cases such as when you do not have your phone and cannot access your TOTP app for login. You can then use other MFA methods like OTP over Email to login.

  • Identity Brokering:
    Enables organizations to connect WordPress with other multiple service providers (SP) with different identity providers (IdP). This creates a trusting relationship with external identity providers & simplifies how online service providers can use existing trusted digital identities.

  • Passwordless Login:
    Passwordless Login is a modern way of logging into your WordPress site without the use of a password. The plugin allows you to easily set up Passwordless Login for your site. Users would now be able to log in using their Username and OTP. If you wish to allow our users to fall back to Username and Password then the plugin also allows that.

  • IP/Device/Time/Location Based Restriction:
    CIAM for WordPress includes Adaptive Authentication which is an advanced form of Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a process of selecting the right authentication factors depending on a user’s risk profile like user’s behavior, device IP, time, geo-location, etc. to adapt the type of authorization factors.

  • Automated User Management:
    Automated User Management (Automated User Provisioning & Deprovisioning) provides automated user synchronization from the identity provider to WordPress. It allows you to automate user creation, update and delete user information from the IDP (identity provider) in real-time to your WordPress site and automate user sync for WordPress from different IDPs. Streamline creation of app accounts, their access requests, and termination like a pro with an easy-to-implement Provisioning solution.

  • Password Policy Manager:
    It includes user’s password management features like auto password expiration, one-click password reset, Enforce strong password, role-based password policy, Enforce strong password for inactive users, password history management, and many more. Weak passwords are the primary perpetrator of WordPress hack assaults. To fix this issue, a password policy Manager was developed, password policy will help administrators ensure that their users use strong passwords

  • Universal Directory Authentication:
    One Directory to manage all identities, groups, and devices on-premises or in the cloud. We can help integrate multiple user directories, IDPs, and databases into one <a href=“” target=“_blank“>Universal Directory which allows easy and seamless SSO and MFA access to WordPress. This Unified Directory stores all user attributes such as email addresses, usernames, passwords, user preferences, information about devices and networks, and much more.

Key Features of miniOrange CIAM solution for WordPress:

  • Cloud & On-Premise Hosting:
    The hosting of CIAM solutions on the cloud & on-premise allows organizations to leverage it across different environments and devices. Also, both types of hosting can be extended to support any number of applications.

  • Strong Authentication:
    Protocols like MFA, SSO, etc. enable the solution to detect identity theft and prevent dangerous bots from sending fake traffic to a website.

  • Scalability & Integration:
    Customer-facing apps see tens of thousands of users and the number keeps on growing as the business scales, hence the miniOrange CIAM solution is able to adapt to new integrations and fast-growing user volume.

  • Platform-based functionalities:
    The platform combines multiple features and services into a single user experience that is simple to understand and use.

  • Multisite Support:
    Supports configuring WordPress Multisite Network installation as an Identity Provider, allowing users to SSO login into Service Provider applications using WordPress Multisite credentials. (Premium Feature).

  • Interface customization:
    This allows for modifying and delivering a personalized and user-friendly experience to customers.

  • No Setup required:
    Simply register with us and use our pre-configured application. We will handle everything for you.

  • 24 / 7 Support:
    If you face any issues or simply require assistance with the WordPress CIAM solution by miniOrange, please contact us. Whatever it may be, we will solve the issue for you and get everything working as soon as possible.

Personalization to Improve the Customer Experience

<a href=“” target=“_blank“>miniOrange’s Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) for WordPress Solution can help companies build customer trust while minimizing operating costs and maximizing revenue and retention. By building trust and loyalty with customers, CIAM can help you acquire more customers, build more customer interactions, and influence cross-sells.
Customer Identity Management System gathers data about customers as they move through the customer journey. This data is used to build a profile of customer preferences on WordPress, which can then be used to customize product offerings and communications. New information, such as a change of address, is automatically shared with apps that use the customer profile.
Although CIAM and IAM solutions share the same building blocks, the traditional IAM solutions cannot be extended to replace/act in place of a CIAM solution. The unique requirement of a client-facing application needs a flexible and scalable Identity and Access Management solution that requires a dedicated solution built on top of IAM features.
By exploiting identification data to gain and retain consumers, CIAM generates revenue growth. CIAM systems are intended to supply, authenticate, authorize, collect, and store consumer information from a variety of sources.

Benefits of using the CIAM WordPress plugin:

  • Effortless Secure Login
    CIAM WordPress ensures that only authorized users get access to sensitive data. Implement password policies like Password length, complexity, restrictions on password reuse, session timeout and self-service password reset policy to strengthen security without holding up your users access.

  • Easy Integration
    Delight customers with secure, easy-to-use scalable plugins and APIs which improve the overall customer experience.

  • Seamless Customer Experience
    CIAM for WordPress provides brands with a holistic view of customers found in customer profiles while providing users with a better experience.

  • Remote Workforce Access
    Get secure access to tools and devices they require in a timely manner from any location – without compromising security.

  • Maximize Conversion Rate
    Provide an easy-to-use environment that would boost productivity for the customer workforce.

  • Migrate to a Digital Environment
    Retire legacy identity and integrate our secure and scalable app development.

  • Secure On-premise and Cloud services
    Choose the cloud or on-premise service provider and deployment option that fits your long-term growth strategy through the CIAM WordPress solution.

Website –

For more support or info email us at or Contact us for a free trial. You can also submit your query from the plugin’s configuration page.

Snímky obrazovky

  • General settings like auto redirect user to your IdP.
  • Guide to configure your WordPress site as Service Provider to your IdP.
  • Configure your IdP in your WordPress site.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for sso. Find and Install miniOrange SAML Cloud SSO.
  3. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page.


  1. Download the miniOrange SAML Cloud SSO plugin.
  2. Unzip and upload the miniorange-saml-cloud directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate miniOrange SAML Cloud SSO from your Plugins page.

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I am not able to configure the Identity Provider with the provided settings

Please email us at or Contact us. You can also submit your app request from the plugin’s configuration page.

For any query/problem/request

Visit Help & FAQ section in the plugin OR email us at or Contact us. You can also submit your query from the plugin’s configuration page.


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