Frontend Comment Moderation


Adds a link next to the reply link below each comment, which allows visitors to flag comments as inappropriate.
A sub page to comments in admin is added, where an administrator may review all the flagged comments and decide
if they should be removed or not.

Admins or logged-in users with comment moderation permissions are able trash or replace comments with
one click in the frontend. This action can not be undone. A „trash“ link will appear bellow all comments.
Don’t worry: You can untrash them if until you reload. You are also able to replace the comment text with a custom
text which can be set in the settings.


  • Ability for visitors to report comments they find offensive.
  • Once a flagged comment has been deemed ok, it wont be able to be flagged again.
  • Flagging is done via ajax for smoother experience for the visitors.
  • Decide whether all visitors or only logged in users can report comments.
  • Trashing and Replacing with ajax in the frontend for faster moderation.
  • Fully localized. Comes with English and German translations.

Snímky obrazovky

  • The plugin in action.


  1. Install and activate MarcTV Moderate via the repository.
  2. Let users flag comments at the front end. Trash and replace them as admin in the frontend, too.
  3. Review flagged comments in wp-admin.


11. 11. 2016
For reason unknown to me other plugins that claim to add comment flagging function to my comment fail invariably. When this plugin delivered what it promised, I could not believe it because my disappointment with the other three. This function should have been part of WP code, but good luck with that. We have more than 43K plugins in the repository and I was stunned when I was not able to find a plugin that does this seemingly necessary use case. This plugin has exceeded my expectation actually by providing one-click easy replacement of abusive comment with pre-authored comment, for example "[Comment made invisible due to violation of community standard]" in addition to sending email to admin when user report comment and allowing admins to trash, replace, approve/override reports, report right at the front end (of course these available in dedicated admin page as well.) This plugin focuses in comment reporting to help admins deal with abusive users' comments making admins' lives easier and does it well.
3. 9. 2016
I've tried every plugin out there to flag comments and this is the only one that showed up on the frontend. Unfortunately, it doesn't send the admin an email when a comment has been flagged by another user. Or set a threshold before the comment is removed altogether until the admin can review the contents. For example, if two people flag the same comment, it should automatically go into moderation and therefore can't be seen by other people. That's useful if you are away and don't have access to your site's administrative backend. Not emailing the admin is it's biggest downfall. I honestly don't know why WP wouldn't have flagging comments as an option for its lauded commenting system. Anyways, if the developer is reading this, please add in this functionality as an option and/or a way to quickly moderate via email using links (as an example): Quick moderation: Unpublish | Mark as OK | Trash | Ban IP If it did any of the above or even just emailed the site admin, I'd give it ten stars and ten dollars.
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Frontend Comment Moderation je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • New: e-mail notification (Thanks Justin Boston)


  • renamed plugin


Fixed a bug that prevented the report link from being shown for logged in users. Thanks KatieKat.


Ensured compatibility to WordPress 4.1.


  • Replaced comments in the backend are not marked as ok automatically. This saves clicks for moderators.


  • Fixed anchor tag missing href.


  • Links will no longer show up if Javascript is disabled.
  • New HTML structure for the links.
  • Small localisation changes.


  • This is a feature merge of the plugin „ReportComments“ by lefalque and „Ajax Trash and Replace
    Comments“ by myself. I added a german translation and fixed php notices.


Fixed empty moderation text on plugin activation.


Fixed renaming bug. Seems I am not allowed to rename the plugin file. I forgot to remove the old files.


  • Fixed bug that did not show any comments for users who were not logged in.
  • New feature: replace comment text with your custom moderation text.
  • Link to new settings page in the frontend.
  • Renamed plugin.


  • Added screenshot.


  • Added ajax activity indicators.


  • Fixed: Trash button was visible in the backend.