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Linkedin Badge by Pixelpillow


Add Linkedin badges to your website through a very simple shortcode. This plugin uses the default Linkedin embed script to integrate the very recognisable blue badgedes. For more information about the script check out:

Snímky obrazovky

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  1. Upload the ‚linkedin-badge-by-pixelpillow‘ directory to the ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress

The simplest way to integrate a Linkedin badge on your site is to copy the shortcode with only the ‚url‘ parameter. Like this:

[linkedinbadge id=““]

Or you can use the following parameters to customise your badge:

id: The public profile URL of the profile you want to show. The profile URL can be obtained from the users profile on and looks like this
format: How to show the widget: inline, click, or hover. Defaults to inline.
related: Whether to show the footer that contains related information. Defaults to false.
text: If hover or click is chose as the format, this will provide text after the LinkedIn icon. The text will also be presented as a link.
width: Width in pixels for the inline format only. Minimum value is 300 with smaller values being converted to 300. Default is 364 pixels.


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