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KI Twitter Analytics


KI Twitter Analytics provides users with free analysis of their twitter account inbox, incoming messages, outgoing messages, mentions and other statistics. The plugin features a network analyzer that digs into details of potential clients, competitors, or followers.

Build and grow stronger relationships on Twitter

Understand and analyze your audience, know your competitors, learn what engages your community and measure performance.

Listening – Understand your audience
Uncover trends and actionable insights from twitter to inform marketing and brand strategy. “upcoming”

Analytics – Measure your performance

Drive strategic decision making across the business with rich twitter data and dashboards.

Understand the twitter level engagement. Inbox message graph. Profile traffic levels.

Who uses KI Twitter Audience Analyzer Plugin

Social Media Managers and Marketers
Spend more time giving your audience what it wants: transparent, authentic and personalized experiences.

Customer Care Agents
Deliver the kind of relevant, responsive social care that creates long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

Social Analysts
Add confidence to you business decision by tapping into the world’s largest and most transparent focus group.

KI Twitter Audience Features

Competitor Reports
Track competitor performance across social to benchmark against your own and to identify new opportunities in your industry.

Profile Messages Graph
Analyze twitter performance at the post level to understand what resonates and why.

Inbox Messages Graph
Analyze your inbox messages to keep track of your following needs and questions.

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Who uses KI Twitter Analyzer?

  • Small Business Owners
  • Social Media Managers and Marketers
  • Customer Care Agents
  • Social Analysts

What are the most important aspects of twitter metrics?

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Audience Growth Rate
  3. Post Reach
  4. Potential Reach
  5. Social Share of Voice (SSoV)

How do i build social funnel?

  1. Awareness: these metrics illuminate your current and potential audience.
  2. Engagement: these metrics show how audiences are interacting with your content.
  3. Conversion: these metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of your social engagement.
  4. Consumer: these metrics reflect how active customers think and feel about your brand.


31. 7. 2020
I liked how this plugin works. I can analyze my activity on Twitter, search for details of my followers and other users. Thanks, it's very helpful for my website!
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