Tento plugin byl uzavřen, a je od 24. 3. 2023 nedostupný. Není již k dispozici ke stažení. Důvod: Porušení pravidel.


23. 1. 2023
It's a shame as this is just what I was looking for but unfortunately it seems to no longer works and looks like it has been abandoned (no updates in 2 years, the api link no longer works and the api page also displayed strangely after requesting api access, and both website links provided on the plugin description page are also not working....). I was unable to pull up any jobs data. :-(. I think with only 10 active installations it has probably been abandoned.
18. 5. 2021
This is the best plugin ever, it's doing it's job great!
18. 11. 2020
Its really simple. I like the fact that you create the shortcode by yourself and you can place it in any post/page. Also the widget is very stylish and thats what i use actually. Would love to see an option to change its design (font,colors etc) but its default design is still fine
18. 11. 2020
Really easy to use, and really nice design! Its very simple, you just add the shortcode that you create and it shows jobs from many countries. I only wish it was a little bit more flexible on the design, (to be able to change colors for example, to fit better my website) but thats fine. Its still early stage so i guess they will work on it.
18. 11. 2020
Everything is very clear to understand from how to install to how to customize, still very new thing, but I assume they will improve it a lot if needed. Suitable for multilingual websites. You simply put few numbers or letters in short tags and put it on post or page and all works just fine after without any glitch. IF you have job or some related website - for sure try that simple but effective thing. All else is very "heavy" for me.
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