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👉 New Feature : Settings Page Open AI API key setup.
👉 New Feature : Try Now demo in Dashboard Page.
👉 New Feature : Text Generator Gutenberg block.
👉 New Feature : Added Text Generator AI Popup Toolbar support for every gutenberg block.
👉 New Feature : Automatic default search text append system before or after search query.

We’ve used Open AI API keys to generate AI content for your content or article and it’s recently using ChatGPT-3 language AI model to generate very human-like AI content.


This may have bugs and lack of many features. If you want to contribute on this project, you are more than welcome. Please fork the repository from Github.


Brought to you by Maniruzzaman Akash

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  • AI Text Generator


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

Nejčastější dotazy

Q. Is this open to everyone?

A. Yes, it’s open and no limitation in the free version.

Q. Can I add Open AI API key?

A. Yes, please visit and you’ll get your API keys.

Q. Can I get any type of text AI generated content?

A. Yes, according to Open AI’s ChatGPT, it can now provide almost any type of content’s suggestion.

Q. Can I append any default search text before or after the search query?

A. Yes, from version 1.2.0, we’ve added that support.

Q. Does someone can easily add AI generated content for post?

A. Yes, we’re using Gutenberg block, custom + toolbar support, so that anyone can easily add AI generated content for WordPress.

Q. Does this support image generation?

A. No, not right now. We have plans to add image generation soon in the future.

Q. Does this plugin support for Woocommerce?

A. No, not right now. We have plans to add Woocommerce support soon in the future.


28. 12. 2022 1 odpověď
This plugin is very helpful. Thanks for this plugin, now I can write content with more confidence for my WordPress blog and generation is really good also. I am amazed it also checks plagiarism.
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Přehled změn

v1.2.0 – ( April 07, 2023 )

  • Update : WordPress tested upto 6.2.
  • New : Added appended search text before and after of search query.
  • Update : Updated codebase eslint formatting.

v1.1.0 ( Jan 05, 2023 )

  • Update : Long content article generation support.
  • Fix : Fixed some localization typo.
  • Fix : Fixed some asset loading issue.

v1.0.0 ( Dec 28, 2022 )

  • new: Added Settings Page Open AI API key setup.
  • new: Added Try Now demo in Dashboard Page.
  • new: Added Text Generator Gutenberg block.
  • new: Added Text Generator AI Popup Toolbar support for every gutenberg block.

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