Innercircle: Social & Reviews


Turn Your Customers Into Your Competitive Edge.

Innercircle is here to help you mobilize your customers to boost your growth by generating authentic user content, reviews, engagement on social media, and collecting genuine feedback from your customers.

Dramatically improve your store ratings, reputation on social media, reviews on different platforms, positive conversations on social media and SEO by activating your most valuable asset – your happy customers.

Why use Innercircle?

90% of people’s buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and your social presence. Aka, what others post about you on social media.
It does not matter how good are your products if nobody is talking about them online.

Build the social proof you need to boost sales as your product reviews and presence grow. Your happy customers can tell your story in a better way than any advertisement.

Key benefits & features

  • Build a strong community of happy customers to empower your marketing efforts
  • Build trust and a strong reputation online
  • Collect authentic content and reviews from your best customers
  • Generate positive online conversations on social media
  • Generate sales using word of mouth
  • Driving retention and meaningful relationships with your customers
  • more than 40+ proven ready-made types of campaigns you can launch and ask your customers to complete
  • Dynamic automated reminders to participate and complete missions.

How it works:

With every purchase made on your website, a few days after the customer receives their product, they will be invited to join and participate in your Inner circle program.
Each one of your customers gets its own branded page to participate in different challenges and collect points.
If the customer is happy with your service and product, they can participate in these different missions selected by you, accumulate points that will eventually be redeemable towards rewards.

Here are just some examples of what you get with Innercircle:

  • Reviews on any 3rd party platform – Google / Trustpilot / Facebook / BBB / Custom platforms
  • Posting on social media
  • Instagram and Facebook stories
  • Unboxing and testimonial videos
  • Commenting on social posts and sharing content
  • Starting online conversations in groups and webinars
  • And so much more than that.

Free plan available up to 120 invited customers every month.

Our paid plans (starting at $25 / month) scales with your business.
It includes everything in the Free plan plus advanced customization features, higher tiers of support and are based on the number of invited customers every month.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Meet Innercircle
  • Authentic Content & Reviews
  • 50+ Campaigns to boost growth
  • Easy Management & Rewarding
  • Innercircle: Collect UGC
  • Innercircle: Increase social Engagement
  • Innercircle: Collect reviews and rating
  • Innercircle: Collect product feedback and satisfaction surveys
  • Innercircle: testimonials and customers


  1. Install the Innercircle via the plugin directory or by uploading the zip file to your server.
  2. After activating the Innercircle plugin, click on the Innercircle option link in the left-hand sidebar of your WordPress admin.
  3. You will now need to register an account with Innercircle or log in with your existing account.
  4. Customize the different settings according to the easy onboarding guide.
  5. You\’re ready to go!

For any questions or assistance in installing you can contact and we will be happy to assist!

Nejčastější dotazy

How much does Innercircle cost?

Innercircle offers a free plan of up to 120 customers each month!
once you go above that amount, you have paid plans based on your scale.
Starting at $25/m for up to 250 customers and $124/m for up to 1,500 customers.

Can I import my past customers into Innercircle?

Yes, you can! Import your existing customers using a CSV file or schedule them to be invited in bulks. We have made this process very easy for you via the platform.

Can I customize the customer page and email communications?

Yes, you can! You can brand your customer\’s Innercircle page with your logo, brand colors, and fonts.
Campaigns and missions come with a suggestion for creative but you can edit it to be on brand and as you see fit so your customers will feel at home. Emails can also be branded and edited to suit your brand guidelines.


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24. 1. 2022
I use Innercircle for our brand for almost a year, our sales are coming mostly from Amazon and it was always hard for us to communicate with our customers. Since we use Innercircle we learned much more about our customers, we encourage them to promote our brand win prizes, and create amazing UGCs. Highly recommended for every brand out there. 5/5
24. 1. 2022
In my role as an influencer and content manager, I've worked on many platforms in the past. Inner-Circle's ability to motivate any customer and turn him into a brand ambassador is what makes it so special and an excellent investment. The platform's personal training feature allows me to create rewards activities on my own and get professional assistance. I managed to increase brand sales for the long term by engaging my ambassadors in fun activities.
18. 1. 2022
Great plugin for collecting UGC and reviews from customers. great support for any request.
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