id:CRM Contacts & Companies


This is first free module from id:CRM to organize contacts and companies.


  • Contacts and Companies made with default WP posts so you can easily import your data from csv, xls, xml, json.
  • Creates WP users from Contacts so you can integrate your clients list with any other plugin which uses WP users (for example newsletters).
  • Integrated with Contact Form 7. Plugin gets your-name and your-email fileds. Also you can get phone number by using label your-phone.
  • Adaptive. Use all the functions from mobile without any applications.


  • English, always included.
  • Russian, always included.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Contacts list.
  • Single contact.
  • Companies list.
  • Single company.

Nejčastější dotazy

How to get phone number from Contact Form 7?

Use field [tel your-phone].


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id:CRM Contacts & Companies je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


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Přehled změn

1.2.4 (10.01.2023)

  • Fixed: Default events icons.
  • Fixed: Translation.
  • Fixed: Each company assigned via Id.
  • Fixed: HTML in Notes.

1.2.3 (06.01.2023)

  • New: Gender setting for Contacts.
  • Fixed: Delete/publish permissions.
  • Fixed: Horizontal scrollbar.

1.2.2 (31.12.2022)

  • Fixed: Demo contact/company taxonomy.
  • Fixed: Delete permissions.
  • Fixed: Theme styles.

1.2.1 (29.12.2022)

  • Improved: Data fields in Contact/Company.
  • Fixed: Translation.
  • Fixed: Admin permissions.

1.2.0 (28.12.2022)

  • New: Support user role.
  • New: Get Pro version link.
  • Fixed: Default Lead status for new Contact/Company.

1.1.0 (25.12.2022)

  • New: Schedule and Event types.
  • New: Tables sorting by date, event.
  • Fixed: CSS and JS minor.

1.0.12 (15.01.2022)

  • Fixed: CSS files.
  • Fixed: Add librires for date picker.

1.0.11 (13.01.2022)

  • Fixed: CSS files.

1.0.10 (10.01.2022)

  • Improved: Add events schedule to the single contact page and archive contacts page.
  • Fixed: JS positions.

1.0.9 (26.12.2021)

  • Improved: Add notes to single contact page.
  • Fixed: Design bugs.

1.0.8 (20.12.2021)

  • Fixed: Design bugs.

1.0.7 (15.12.2021)

  • Chnaged: Dispaly names at comments in contacts and companies single pages.
  • Fixed: Admin capabilities at plugin install.

1.0.6 (06.12.2021)

  • Improved: Edit contacts and companies comments from admin page.

1.0.5 (05.12.2021)

  • Fixed: Hide contacts and companies comments from admin page and front pages.

1.0.4 (30.11.2021)

  • Fixed: CRM User capabilites.

1.0.3 (26.11.2021)

  • Translated: Full Russian localization.
  • Fixed: Plugin delete function.

1.0.2 (25.11.2021)

  • Fixed: Untranslated strings.

1.0.1 (22.11.2021)

  • Fixed: Bug with links at Companies list.
  • Improved: Add option to edit Contact from Contact page.
  • Improved: Add option to edit Company from Company page.
  • Improved: Add auto select Company and Contact statuses when add new from lists pages.
  • Improved: Add option to add new Contact from Company page.
  • Improved: Changed comments design.

1.0.0 (05.09.2021)

  • Inital release.