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Hide "Comments are closed" Text


This plugin hide the text „Comments are closed“ in comment section of post.


  • Hides „Comments are closed“ text from comment section of frontend.


  1. Upload the folder „hide-comments-are-closed-text“ to „/wp-content/plugins/“ path.
  2. Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress backend
  3. After activating the plugin, „Comments are closed“ text will be removed from front end of comment area.
  4. Enjoy!

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  1. No technical skills needed.


10. 10. 2016
Awesome plugin. highly approachable thought behind the scene.Thanks you saved my time.
3. 9. 2016
Wow!!Splendid!! I was exactly looking for this and I got. The documentation is also quiet clear. I had to make customization and support response was quick. Thanks buddy for helping me.Thanks.
3. 9. 2016
This plugin is very useful when someone does not want to see the text "Comments are closed" in comment section of post.
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