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HEAT Chatfuel Integration


If you already know about Chatfuel(*), this plugin can give wing to your chatbot (seriously! ^^)

For the first version, you can:

  • Put your Customer Chat Plugin in bottom right of website with no editing your theme. Just paste and save! (**)
  • Provide data source to your chatbot via JSON API such as:
    • Give customer a list of your newest posts/products in all categories or particular
    • Allow customer search for product or post via keyword
      With this feature, I think you can create many scenario for your chatbot, Let your imagination run wild ^^

One again, this is very first version, so some function a in developing and if you see any issue please let me know. And don’t be hesitate to rate it 5* if you like it

(*) Chatfuel is a platform to build and launch a full-featured chatbot without coding in 7 minutes
(**) To get the embed code, access your Chatbot in Chatfuel Dashboard, go to Grow Section and you can see it.

Snímky obrazovky


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Install and activate it
  2. Access the setting page through item name Chatfuel in left size Admin menu

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