Go Dash – Makes Your Dashboard Fast


Tired of hunting through the Dashboard to find the pages you need to make updates? Go Dash gives you super fast access to your recently viewed pages and lets you open them with ease from anywhere on your site.

Level up with Go Dash Pro to get even faster with Favorites & Groups and Power Search so you can find anything in seconds.

All Your Recently Viewed Pages At Your Fingertips!

Instantly access anything you’ve viewed – From pages, posts, and products to editors, admin settings, and more. Go Dash lists your recently viewed activity so navigating WordPress is lightning fast!

Favorites & Groups Make WordPress Fastastic!

Easily create favorites from your pages, posts, products, admin tools, and more. Group favorites and open them all in new tabs with a single click! Work faster and smarter – not harder – with Go Dash.

Instantly Access Any Page, Post or Product!

Start typing and your content immediately appears. Never click through pages of posts or products again. Go Dash Power Search turns you into a WordPress superhero! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


  • Go Dash modal window for instant access
  • Recently viewed pages, posts, and admin pages
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts

Pro Features

  • Unlimited favorites
  • Grouped favorites
  • Import & export favorites
  • Duplicate pages & posts
  • Theme builder integration
    • Beaver Builder
    • Elementor
    • Divi
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Gravity Forms integration
  • Power Search
  • Yoast SEO integration
  • Gravity Forms integration
  • Page data filters


Using Go Dash is super easy – Just press the ESC key to open Go Dash and you’ll see your recently viewed content. Click any item to open it. Command-Click to open the item in a new tab (Control-Click on Windows).

Don’t like the ESC key? You can change it by visiting Settings > Go Dash. You can also open Go Dash from the admin toolbar by clicking Recents under Go Dash.

View our complete documentation at https://getgodash.com/

Pro Tips

Group Favorites and open them all at once with a single click!

Use Command-1, Command-2, and Command-3 to navigate between Recents, Favorites, and Search when Go Dash is open (Control-# on Windows).

Set your default view when Go Dash opens and choose how your links open by visiting Settings > Go Dash

Use the up/down arrow keys to select a search result. Press the Enter key to open the item. Press Command-Enter to open it in a new tab (Command-Enter on Windows).

Snímky obrazovky

  • Go Dash Recently Viewed
  • Go Dash Grouped Favorites
  • Go Dash Power Search
  • Go Dash on the Frontend
  • Go Dash Admin Menu
  • Go Dash Settings

Nejčastější dotazy

How do I use Go Dash?

Easy! Just press the ESC key to open Go Dash – You’ll see your recently viewed content. Click any item to open it. Command-Click to open the item in a new tab (Control-Click on Windows).

You can also open Go Dash from the admin toolbar. Just click Recents under Go Dash.

Can I use another shortcut key to open Go Dash?

Yes! By visiting Settings > Go Dash you can select your preferred shortcut key and optional modifier.

How do I access Favorites, Groups, and Power Search?

You’ll need to purchase a Go Dash licensed version which are available by visiting Settings > Go Dash > Pricing/Upgrade

Can I rename Favorites and Groups?

Yes! Just click the pencil icon and type in your custom Favorite or Group name.

How do I open multiple Favorites with a single click?

Easy! Create a new Group by clicking the folder icon on the Favorites tab and drag your Favorites into the Group. Command-Click on the Group to open all the Favorites in a new tab (Control-Click on Windows).

Depending on your browser, the first time you open multiple Favorites you may have to click “allow” within your browser URL bar.

I purchased Pro, but the Free version is still running.

Make sure you are running a licensed version. You can check by visiting Settings > Go Dash > Account page within the WordPress admin.

If you do not have the licensed version, you can download it by visiting your account page at https://getgodash.com/account

If you have the licensed version, then clear any caches on your site or for your host. If it still does not work, then please contact our support to help further.


27. 5. 2020
The idea is very good, but it only allows you to browse through your history in the free version. It does not allow searching or anything as seen in the photos. everything is from the paid version. and the price is expensive for the functionality it provides. and the payment is only for 1 site. If the price were closer to reality (much cheaper) it would be a 100% recommended option to buy in the premium version. the free version is not useful since it does not allow you to do anything other than quick access to your browsing history.
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Go Dash – Makes Your Dashboard Fast je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • Launch


  • Fixed page title length for frontend content
  • Pro Version – Updated search to search by title


  • Improved page recognition
  • Duplicate pages & posts
  • Pro Version – Enhanced search functionality
  • Pro Version – Favorites import & export


  • Pro Version – Updated frontend CSS