Tento plugin byl uzavřen, a je od 8. 7. 2024 nedostupný. Není již k dispozici ke stažení. Toto uzavření je dočasné. Čeká se na kompletní přezkum.


12. 2. 2024
Unfortunately, the plugin „Gutenberg Forms“ does not work anymore and there have been no updates for a year. The plugin does not seem to be maintained or updated by its original author. 😢 It is not recommended to use this plugin! Make sure to replace it with another contact form plugin.
5. 1. 2023 5 odpovědí
Thank you for the recent update which I have been looking forward to and thanks for the work you did put in to make the plugin compatible with this latest version of WordPress. I took out some time to try out some of the new features which are really great but here are some challenges I faced: I couldn’t insert any of the templates forms; after indicating the form I need to use, I clicked on insert but it didn’t insert. The standard form option is great but I couldn’t insert new fields I had to settle for the multi-select even though that wasn’t what I wanted; it offered me the option to insert all the fields I needed but even after completing the form it still didn’t work properly. I opened an Incognito tab to test it out and the form page reloaded after submitting the form but without the success alert. I also didn’t get any email notifications (after setting it up) and there was no record of the form in the WP dashboard. I do hope all these are resolved soon and once again thank you for all you have done for the community thus far. I look forward to contributing to the Open Source project as well once I have learnt the required skills.
30. 6. 2022
Saw Extendify – Instant delete! Sneaks unwanted extensions into the editor. I can understand why some sell to Freemius. But extendify feels so scummy. Especially when it only is mentioned way down the page, like they don’t want everyone to know where the extendify pest comes from. Took me a while to find the reason. And that the homepage doesn’t exist any more, doesn’t inspire confidence.
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