Fast eBay Listings


Fast eBay Listings provides additional shortcodes and widgets to present ebay auctions and items in
your pages and posts.

  • Display single or listings of eBay items
  • Display eBay RSS feeds
  • Present in multiple columns and/or rows
  • Slideshow presentation, auto or manual progression.
  • Guttenburg Block Editor widgets to simply add ebay listings to your posts
  • Super easy to use panels to edit shortcode parameters without typing in code
  • Dynamic widget to show eBay items relevant to current page
  • Dynamically show results from a post’s author
  • Search for items from any given seller
  • Search by keywords
  • Filter results by category or price range
  • Tailor number of results to display
  • Items are shown with thumbnail, size customisable
  • Full items details can be shown: price, end date, BIN etc
  • In built caching to prevent unnecessary page load delays

More information and live demo can be found here

A key feature of Fast eBay Listings is the ability to utilise the eBay Partner Network to earn commission on click throughs from the listings to eBay. A great way to monetise your
site, whether you present your own items on eBay or others.

This free version of this plugin will redirect 50% of clicks to earn the developers commission, supporting and maintaining this plugin.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Screenshot 1. How to configure Fast eBay Listings and setup defaults
  • Screenshot 2. A list of eBay items
  • Screenshot 3. An eBay RSS Feed of items
  • Screenshot 4. A single eBay item.
  • Screenshot 5. A single eBay item that has sold
  • Screenshot 6. Quick tag buttons for ease of inserting shortcodes
  • Screenshot 7. Manual slideshow of items from an RSS feed.


Tento plugin poskytuje 3 bloky.

  • Fast eBay Listings
  • Fast eBay Listings
  • Fast eBay Listings


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/fast-ebay-listings directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the ‚Settings->Fast eBay Listings‘ screen to configure the plugin

The shortcodes you use in your posts or pages are as follows. All have super easy to use TinyMCE UI, with an easy access menu on the Visual editor toolbar. This will pop open a form for you to fill out all parameters required, with no need for you to type any shortcodes manually.

Nejčastější dotazy

How do I earn money from eBay referrals with this plugin?

First you need to sign up to the eBay Partner Network.
Then create yourself a Campaign within your EPN account.
Enter the 10 digit CampaignId into the ‚Affiliate Campaign Id‘ plugin settings field.
Optionally enter your EPN Publisher Id into the ‚Affiliate Publisher Id‘ plugin setting field to use impression pixels for reporting.

Note: the free version of this plugin will divert 50% of eBay links generated to earn the developer commission and help maintain and support this plugin’s development.
A Pro version of this plugin will be available in the near future to enable you to retain all commission.

What types of slideshow are supported?

Fast eBay Listings currently supports two types of slide show; manual or auto.

Manual: Will present slides which the user can manually step through using buttons beneath.

Auto: Will present a slideshow that automatically steps through the slides, fading between each every 10 seconds.

All slideshows can be configured with as many slides as desired, limited only by number of items returned from eBay.

Each slide can be configured with as many rows and columns as desired to produce a grid of items per slide.

How do exclude keywords from my eBay search query?

The search query field uses standard eBay syntax, so you can prefix a keyword with the minus sign to exclude it. For example:

Sony TV -CRT

Will search for all listings with the words ‚sony‘ and ‚tv‘, but exclude those with the word ‚crt‘.

How do I search for eBay listings with wordA or wordB in the title?

Use the parenthesis eBay search syntax. For example:

Yamaha (motorcycle, motorbike)

Will search for all eBay listing with the word ‚Yamaha‘ and ‚motorcycle‘ or ‚motorbike‘ in the title.

How do I show eBay items being sold by different WordPress users?

Firstly, Fast eBay Listings has added a new metadata entry to each WordPress users profile page, where they can enter their own eBay username.

The search shortcode and widgets that can filter results by an eBay seller, also accept a special keyword ‚author‘, which will trigger the plugin to look up the current post or page’s author and retrieve the above eBay username from their profile. This will then be used to filter the eBay search results.

If the WordPress user has no eBay username set, then the plugin will fall back to the default seller as configured in the plugin options.

How do I customise the colours etc of listings?

Currently, you will have to override the CSS styles manually. Future versions of this plugin will provide more control and configurable customisations.

Please get in touch with the visual customisability you would like in future release.

How do I customise the fields displayed on listings?

This is planned for a future release.

Please get in touch with the eBay field customisability you would like in future release.


7. 6. 2019
I don't read all description and stupidly install it. But after i see he take 50% of commission. I can understand if he take 20 or 15 % for free plugin, time to test it, but 50% is so much!
13. 1. 2017
I spent a long time and a bit of money of various ebay plugins. But none do the job as well as this. The author is incredibly supportive and made some changes on request so a 50/50 split for this functionality is fine with me. Yes, it will be nice when the pro version comes out but what do you expect for free. The previous reviewer is now earning a 100% of nothing! And the information is clearly stated in the documentation and plugin info. If I could give this 8 stars to make up for what I consider an inappropriate review I would. This is genuine 5 stars all day long!
3. 1. 2017
Does a great job of importing eBay auctions. Unfortunately, I'll be deleting it as I didn't realise the developer takes 50% of the ebay commissions which I think is way too steep. There is a paid version coming out eventually which means you'll get to keep 100%. I'll be looking at other options.
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Fast eBay Listings je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.

Přehled změn


Optimisations to serve up wider choice of scaled images and inline scripts/styles.
Fixed ebay cachebuster pixel getting resized.


Fixed bugs with display of slide show dots. No longer shown if only one slide. Fixed JS error highlighting selected slide dot.
Fixed alignment of empty results text.


Update for important breaking eBay API change. All users must upgrade before Oct 1st 2019 for continued usage.


Added Guttenburg block editor widgets.
Various fixes to generated HTML


Optimised eBay API calls.


Restored ability to use old style shortcodes with fu_ prefix


New TinyMCE UI provides an easy access menu to add shortcodes and popup panels to edit all shortcode parameters, without needing to remember or type code.
Slideshow text now has fixed height, so that paging icons remain in fixed position when paging between slides.
Fixed listing background colour styling issue.


„Right Now on eBay“ images are now an affiliate link to search results.
Fixed error when attempting to display a single eBay item that doesn’t exist.


New option to open eBay links in a new browser tab/window.
Dynamic widget query can now be tailored via post meta keys.
Fixed impression pixel served over HTTP for secure sites.


Fixed issues with serving mixed mode content on secure sites.


Ability to filter eBay searches by current post/page author’s eBay username.
Slideshow manual/auto keywords no longer case sensitive.
Dynamic widget will now fall back to default query, if no results found.
Added prev/next buttons to slideshows.
Improved listing layouts to unify text alignment.
Made ‚fu_‘ prefix on shortcodes optional.
Fixed bug when displaying multiple slideshows on a page.


No longer requires PHP7


Added slideshow functionality: manual or auto progression
Number of items shown driven by columns and rows attributes
Can choose sorting order of search results
Set arrangements for widgets independently
Arrangement settings have preview in admin screen.


Added RSS Feed functionality with fu_ebay_rss shortcode and a widget.
Classified Ads are now presented as such.
Fixed grids of items to be equal widths.


Fixed missing currency symbol issue.
Fixed issue with widget default title text.


Added ability to configure arrangement of items:

  • Picture centred, title below.
  • Title above, picture centred
  • Picture left, title right
  • Title above, picture left

Added a new ‚dynamic‘ search widget, to query eBay based on current page’s title.
Restyled item frame/border, text size and shop name text.
Now logs any failures or warnings from eBay API call.
Fixed issues with wrong currency displayed.
Fixed issue displaying larger images in search results.
Fixed display issue for items with < 1min left.


First official release