FAQ Schema For Pages And Posts


FAQ Schema For Pages And Posts allows you to turn questions and answers on your page (your mini FAQ sections) into JSON-LD code on the fly.

The idea is to add as much meaning into your pages so that Google can understand them better.

You can simply copy and paste as you edit your WordPress page/post into the plugin (as it appears at the bottom of the editor) and upon saving the page, the JSON-LD schema will be present in the HEAD of your page/post.

Video tutorial available on YouTube at:


  • Add JSON-LD schema easily to HEAD of any page or post
  • Simple cope and paste possible as editor present within a page/post
  • Have a chance to gain more visibility on Google’s search result pages
  • Secure and sanitised (code cannot be inserted into the plugin)

Using the plugin

Just to insert JSON-LD in a given page, go to that page/post and you’ll find new fields at the bottom the editor in the WP backend.

If you’d like to also display your Questions and Answers via a FAQ, use the shortcode. Title defines the heading above the FAQs. If you’d like to use an accordion, add accordion=1 as in the example. Remove that part not to use an accordion and just show all FAQs open (ie. [wp-faq-schema title=”Car FAQs” accordion=1] )

If you’d like to mass edit, use the Export section to export all of the pages and posts with their ids – and then edit the file and import it back. Note: For multiple FAQs for same post add more row at CSV file with same ID and title.

Add the shortcode inside of the page or post content to display the FAQ. The shortcode tag is wp-faq-schema. It will take title and accordion attributes.

Example below:

[wp-faq-schema] – This code will only show FAQs of that page or post.
[wp-faq-schema title=”Car FAQs”] – This code will show FAQs with “Car FAQs” title.
[wp-faq-schema accordion=1] – This code will show FAQs as accordion.
[wp-faq-schema title=”Car FAQs” accordion=1] – This code will show FAQs as accordion with “Car FAQs” title.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Simple backend panel at the end of each page or post, allowing for unique FAQ schema to be added, saves on page update.
  • Front end output in the source code, validates perfectly with Google's tester.


  1. Upload the wp-faq-schema-for-pages-and-posts folder to the /wp-content/plugins/directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Edit your page or post to see the fields for Q&A at the end of them
  4. Add in questions and answers and update the post.

Časté dotazy

What is FAQ Schema?

The FAQPage structured data helps Google understand that the page contains some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Why should I use FAQ Schema?

Google currently obsessionally displays your data on the search results additionally to your usual organic listing, taking advantage of this could drive you more traffic.

When should I use FAQ Schema?

You should use the FAQ Schema on pages that contain questions and answers to do with a given product, service or page information.

When shouldn’t I use FAQ Schema?

It shouldn’t be used on pages that allow users to submit answers and questions.

Where to find support for this plugin?

You can email me over at my SEO consulting website by clicking here: My website.


19. 11. 2019
This excellent plugin takes care of FAQ schema in a non-fiddly, customisable way. I thoroughly recommend the FAQ Schema For Pages and Posts plugin; you can enter schema for each post/page individually, giving you complete control over how your pages are categorised.
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FAQ Schema For Pages And Posts je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • Initial release


  • Added export and import, FAQ within the page and lots more!