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Hybrid Chat/Livechat for Cisco Contact Centers, Freeswitch, FusionPBX & Standalone deployments


Unify your customer chats, Bots, Callcenter and CRM by conferencing them with our award-winning live chat solution:

• Customers (any chat and media channel: Facebook Messenger with rich messaging, Mobile, WebChat, Whatsapp (fixed monthly price unlimited msgs!), SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, RCS, Apple Business Chat,..)
• Agents using a web app, a contact center Desktop app (for ex Cisco Finesse) or your CRM (Oracle Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Service Cloud, SAP,..)
• and (IBM Watson Assistant, Microsoft LUIS/ Botframework/ Cognitive Services, Google Dialogflow,,..)
• Routing via your callcenter (Cisco, Genesys, Freeswitch or FusionPBX), or using the standalone routing capabilities.
• Supervisor monitoring and group chat
• Browser push notification
• Single-line of code to embed into your webpage, via WordPress Plugin or Google Tag

The bot is is managing the bulk of the chat conversation and is automatically assisted by a human agent whenever the bot’s confidence score is low (“hybrid chat“). The bot will continue to auto-respond after a timeout, the duration of which depends on the bot’s confidence score.

If the bot is not able to answer the question and no agent is available, it can suggest a callback.

You could also say that the agent is assisted by the bot – a so-called AI assisted agent.

The conversational platform can also work without bots, simply connecting multiple chat channels to agents. Or enabling agents to send contacts a chat message (such as an SMS) to a contact while they’re on the call with that contact. It can also integrate with multiple bots/ dialogue engines/ virtual concierges, so the Chatframework or CC agent can choose the best answer from several bots. You are not bound to any particular bot. Relevant tagged training data is stored in a way to allows changing from one bot framework to another.

The chat tab of each customer is color-coded, indicating the bot’s confidence score of it’s NLU (Natural Language Understanding) for that particular conversation. This score also determines the hold time until the bot’s primary answer will be sent, unless the agent manually overwrites the bot’s suggested answer before the timeout.

Chat Channels

Hybrid Chat provides integration with media channels including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Web-Chat, and SMS. For further details on each of the supported channels, follow the relevant links below:

For developing additional chat channels, use the Channel Integration API. See Channel Manager Configuration Guide for channel settings.

Agent Platforms

Hybrid Chat agent is an HTML5 based embeddable application built using Agent API.
The app can be loaded on any compatible browser with the agent app URI and can be embedded in Cisco Finesse, Microsoft CRM, and any other HTML5 supported applications.

With CRM integration, Hybrid Chat can:
• Push chat activities to CRM
• Auto-login with CRM user login
• Automatic customer screen-pop on chat arrival, etc., assuming that CRM APIs are available

All of this can be done for instance in the case of Dynamics Unified Service Desk and Dynamics CRM Web through CIF (Channel Integration Framework). The same can be done for SAP Hybris using the SAP Widget Integration.

Bot Integration

A Hybrid Chatbot is more than just a chatbot. In addition to bot-to-customer conversations via pre-chat form, post-chat survey, conversational forms, response to repeating customer queries, the Bot also controls a chat conversation based on different internal or external events.

You may use Rasa, Google DialogFlow, or can integrate any bot of your choice using Chatbot API.

Hybrid Chat contains out-of-box but it can be integrated with Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Microsoft LUIS, or any bot implementing Chatbot API. The chatbot may serve the customer directly as a primary interface or assists the human agent by giving suggestions on every customer query. To learn how Hybrid Chat integrates with a bot, see:


Learn more about Hybrid Chat bot capabilities for a conversation control.

Demo Environment

We have a customized demo environment available on Cisco Dcloud that can be accessed by following the guidelines on this Demo Enivronment Guide.

Forum for Queries Related to Solution

We have also a public forum where you can find the responses and discussions on previous queries and you can also participate or intiate the discussion. Forum can be accessed here.

This is the documentation link where you can find complete latest details and updates of the product.

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