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Exit Monitor


  • Convert exiting web visitors into sales!
  • Recover up to 70% of exiting traffic!
  • Decrease cart abandonment rate!

Convert exiting web visitors into leads.

Start measuring & improving your conversion rates right now.

Get Started Instantly.

Exit Monitor is a lead generation and conversion optimization tool for website owners. It has been designed to meet the needs of small to enterprise level businesses. Sign up today and get started converting your web visitors into leads.

Track Visitors Behavior

Whenever a web visitor lands on your website, Exit Monitor begins to track that visitors specific mouse movement to determine their exact position on the page. Mouse velocity is also tracked to check for a specific rapid mouse movement out of the page.

Exiting Visitor Detection

Have you ever wondered about how to convert exiting web visitors into revenue? Exit Monitor’s custom built algorithm and exit detection technology will detect the precise millisecond that a visitor is leaving your website.

Perfectly Timed Targeted Offer

Once an exit detection has been triggered, Exit Monitor displays a perfectly timed targeted offer to your web visitor. This allows for an extra pageview to be displayed for a visitor that would have normally already been lost and entice them to stay on your website longer.

Increase in Revenue

By using our Exit Monitor technology you will be given the power to increase customer data capture and turn those potential leads into actual paying customers.


Exit Monitor support

Exit Monitor website


  1. Download the zip file and save it locally – ‚‘.

  2. Log in to your WordPress administration screen.

  3. Click on ‚Plugins‘ and then on ‚Add New‘ (left menu).

  4. Click on the ‚Upload‘ link, choose ‚‘ file and click on the ‚Install‘ now button.

  5. Click on ‚Activate Plugin‘ link

  6. Click on the Exit Monitor tab

  7. Go to

  8. If you are not logged in, please click on the „…start a free trial now!“ link.

  9. Create a campaign.

  10. Get setup with your first creative or contact support to have them create one for you.

  11. Copy your Campaign ID and add it to the Campaign ID field in the Exit Monitor plugin.

  12. Choose the pages you want to target or leave them unchecked to target your whole website.

  13. Click ‚Save changes‘.


Exit Monitor je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


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