Plugin nebyl testován na 3 nejnovějších verzích WordPressu. Nemusí už být tedy podporován a u novějších verzí WordPressu může mít problémy s kompatibilitou a může být nestabilní.

Easy iContact


Easy iContact is a plugin designed to make integrating an iContact signup form into your WordPress template.. well.. easy.

Since this is an early beta release, although it has shown to be functional in my tests, it is provided as-is.

At the moment, installation and use instructions are sparse, but they are coming.

Note: You need an iContact account to utilize this plugin. They do have a free trial, and a micro plan that is always free.

Shortcode Options

Shortcode: [easyicontact]
Shortcode optons:
0 == false
1 == true

  • confirm_email (1 or 0) default: true (1)
  • first_name (1 or 0) default: true (1)
  • last_name (1 or 0) default: true (1)
  • validation (1 or 0) default: true (1)
  • label_type (‚label‘ or ‚value‘) Create HTML labels or insert the lable as the default value of a field. If value is chosen, upon click, the default value is removed. default: label
  • submit_image path/URL – If set to a value other than false, it will be used as the path/URL to a submit button image. Relative paths are relative from the stylesheet_directory. Absolute paths and URLs are used as-is. URLs must begin with „http://“ or „https://“. If submit_image is set, submit_text is used as the alt text. Default: false (0)
  • submit_text text – Will show on the submit button if submit_image is false. If submit_image is used, submit_text is used as the alt text for submit_image. Default: Sign up!
  • callback_function function name – This JavaScript function will be called upon successful submit of the form. It is called immediately after the success message is displayed. Checks to make sure the function is defined.

Example Shortcode:
[easyicontact confirm_email=’0′ last_name=’0′ ‚submit_text=’Sign me up!‘ label_type=’value‘ ]

Why use this plugin?

When using the code as it comes from iContact, the user is directed away from your website. This allows you to have 100% control over the visual feeling and messaging the user sees. Also, by using asynchronous form submission, the process is quick and seamless to the end user.

Other Information

Known issues, feature requests, bug reporting

Visit—WordPress-plugin/issues to view known issues, submit feature requests, and bug reports.


Install the plugin by uploading the easyicontact folder to your /wp-content/plugins directory or the plugins page in your WordPress dashboard.

At iContact, create a sign-up-form that you will use for this plugin. Copy the manual HTML code, and paste it into the settings page for Easy i-Contact. It will automatically parse out the fields it needs.

Next, use the shortcode guide (below and on the settings page for reference) and place your shortcode in a text widget or on a page. If you would like to use it in your template file, use the WordPress do_shortcode function. do_shortcode reference

Use the sample CSS on the settings page as a starting point when customizing the CSS for your template.

NOTE: Because this plugin is in very early development, things may change drastically. I will do my best to document all changes carefully, and keep backwards compatibility as much as reasonable.


7. 2. 2017
This plugin does what the iContact Widget cannot do: It submits the form, and returns the success/fail message, via AJAX without redirecting the user to any other page than the one you're on. This is obviously ideal if you want the form to appear and submit in a lightbox overlay, for example. It's amazing, I tried for three days to hack other widgets to do this, and I could not figure it out. Author says this plugin is "beta", which only means he's a perfectionist. This is the best written iContact plugin out there, in my opinion. I wish i just tried it out before hacking for the last three days.
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Easy iContact je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • Feature: Added a callback_function (JavaScript) that is called when the form is successfully submitted.
  • Fixed Bug: When using AJAX submitting, the form fields weren’t validated.
  • Fixed Bug: In IE and Firefox when submitting the form, the value of the submit button would be truncated
  • Enhancement: When a form submission has failed validation, when the user clicks into a field the validation-error class is now removed.
  • Readme: Updated Installation title so it appears under the correct tab on the WordPress plugin page.
  • Readme: Updated instructions for reporting issues
  • Readme: Added shortcode options to Description tab


  • Added to the WordPress plugin directory
  • Added field label customization options
  • Added example CSS to the settings page
  • Added example shortcode settings to the settings page
  • Added label_type attribute
  • Added submit_image attribute


  • Added custom shortcode with attributes