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Decentralized Bitcoin CryptoDEC Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Plugin nebyl testován na 3 nejnovějších verzích WordPressu. Nemusí už být tedy podporován a u novějších verzí WordPressu může mít problémy s kompatibilitou a může být nestabilní.

Decentralized Bitcoin CryptoDEC Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


This is Decentralized Bitcoin Payment Gateway plugin for WooCommerce.
No registration. No API keys. No middleman. No fees. 100% Open Source!
Accept bitcoin directly on any WooCommerce site.

Utilizing the power of blockchain CryptoDec is WooCommerce cryptocurrency payment gateway that truly takes out the middleman empowering you to accept Bitcoin directly to your own wallets for free.
Main advantages of this plugin that it provides Transaction ID form directly on checkout page to ensure correct and fast payment.
This plugin also assign a single Native SegWit also known as bech32 wallet to each customer extrapolating single Zpub (extended public key) only to simplify recurring payments.


  • Fast CheckOut, ability to pay on Place Order page!
  • Transaction ID request form on Checkout
  • Option to force customers to provide Transaction ID
  • Tested and works perfectly with Electrum, Exodus, Jaxx and many other wallets, uses Zpub to generate Bech32 Native SegWit (bc1..) wallets.
  • HD (
    Hierarchical Deterministic) wallets enabled, unique wallet ID will be assigned to every customer. All funds will end up to your wallet automatically.
  • You control your wallets, you control your keys
  • No third party
  • No website registration
  • No plugin API key required
  • No middleman fees
  • Nothing to hack, only public keys stored on the server, you are in control of your keys!
  • Automatic order processing
  • Real-time crypto/fiat valuation
  • Supports all WooCommerce fiat currencies including native support of Bitcoin itself!
  • Customer QR code on checkout

Credits and Libraries

This plugin has been written from scratch and based on our own plugins framework. To achieve the desired functionality this plugin uses a few best maintained OpenSource libraries:

  • QR Code generator – chillerlan – MIT License
  • Bitcoin PHP – BitcoinWasp – unlicense.org

Donations are Welcome!

This plugin is free software. If you like this plugin, please consider buying us a cup of coffee, it really helps for better and faster maintenance.


Thank you!

Snímky obrazovky

  • Get Zpub from your wallet (Electrum)
  • Copy/Paste Zpub to CryptoDEC plugin options to set it up.
  • Checkout Page offers quick payment directly.
  • WooCommerce Payment Options, enable CryptoDEC
  • CryptoDEC WooCommerce basic settings
  • User Options, Admin can update any wallet manually if needed, user can only see their wallets ID.


  1. Unpack the entire contents of this plugin zip file into your wp-content/plugins/ folder locally
  2. Upload to your site
  3. Navigate to wp-admin/plugins.php on your site (your WP Admin plugin page)
  4. Activate this plugin

OR you can just install it with WordPress by going to Plugins > Add New > and type this plugin’s name

Nejčastější dotazy

Can I install this plugin to any wordpres site ?

Yes this plugin are compatible with wordpress and woocommerce site’s. Make sure you run latest version of everything.

Does it work as described ?

Yes. This plugin will issue unique BTC wallet to each and every user on your site and you would be able to receive payments in Bitcoins directly to your wallet without compromising any of your private data.

Do I have to subscribe to some 3rd party service or site or API ?


Do I have share any kind of private information with this plugin ?


If someone get access to my website by hacking it or just accidentally through security vulnerability will that endanger my funds in any way ?

This plugin require only public details of your wallet, namely Zpub key that is kind of larger version of your public key(s) or wallet(s).

How it works ?

This plugin utilize extrapolation of a „large“ public key called Zpub from your wallet of choice and generates a wallet for every user you have in your site.

Is this plugin 100% secure ?

This plugin is as secure as blockchain technology itself. Even if your server or website get compromised and ALL data from this plugin leaked to other party your funds still be 100% safe because this plugin doesn’t require any private data. Only you should be in control of your private keys.

Why this plugin ?

Even though Bitcoin is already long time widely accepted many people still don’t realize that blockchain technology empowers us to conduct business without need to rely on any 3rd party. Unfortunately we still see a lot of plugins that offers 3rd party „processing“ service for Bitcoin abusing the fact that many of us not yet get our head around beauty of blockchain technology. For that reason there’s not so much plugins out there that offer such functionality, so we have to create one.


Pro tento plugin nejsou žádné recenze.


Decentralized Bitcoin CryptoDEC Payment Gateway for WooCommerce je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn

2.0.2 AUG 30, 2021

  • update QR Code coin and amount added and tested with most popular mobile wallets
  • update to PHP 7.4, tested up to PHP 8.0
  • fix few minor bugs
  • updated code cleanup

2.0.1 AUG 27, 2021

  • add feature – Zpub BIP84 public key extrapolation to assign unique BECH32 Native SegWit wallets to users.
  • add feature – local QR Code generation.
  • fix few minor bugs

1.0.3 AUG 20, 2021

  • fix few minor bugs

1.0.2 Jan 28, 2021

  • add extra options: Force Transaction ID
  • add Check for double Transaction ID

1.0.1 Jan 28, 2021

  • Initial release