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Currency Converter Widget


Check out the Widget Demo to learn more about this amazing Currency Converter plugin.

WordPress powers over a quarter of the Web and its powerful range of plugins is part of the reason why.

With international business booming, global tourism ever popular and increasing immigration part of our daily lives, a good Currency Converter can help your site gain the edge over your competitors no matter what field you are in.

The Exchange Rate Widget plugin powered by Currency Wiki may be exactly the simple but versatile option for the job.

Reach the world with its eight different language options – English, Dutch, French, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian – all interchangeable with a single click.

This WordPress Currency Converter is built around ease and functionality. You can set commonly-used currency pairs such as USD/EUR and every conversion is made ‚on the fly‘ as you type – you do not even have to hit ‚Enter‘.

Instantly customize its visual elements from text to background to font color so it fits seamlessly into your existing theme. If you update your website’s look, the handy preview feature lets you adapt the widget with a few clicks.

The design from Currency.Wiki even gives you full control. You can even skip the Exchange Rate Widget sidebar altogether – it will generate shortcode so the widget only appears on specific pages or posts.

Discover how a simple, free WordPress Exchange Rate widget can help create a great user experience and even drive traffic to your page.

Disclaimer: Our widget has a link to Currency.Wiki (source of exchange rates) if you don’t support that, please do not install this widget or check „Widget Demo“ above before installation.

Report Bugs
Please use Currency Wiki on GitHub or Email to report bugs.

Other info

Check out the following pages:

Snímky obrazovky

  • Example of Currency Converter widget for sidebar to change the color, size, language, and default currency pair.
  • Example parameters to generate shorcode w/specific color.
  • Example of manual size input for width and height.
  • Color change example by customizing font as black and style as white.
  • Example of random color selection.
  • Example of language selection.


From within WordPress

  1. Go to:“Plugins > Add New“
  2. Search for „Currency Converter Widget“
  3. Click „Install > Active“
  4. Go to „Appearance > Widgets > Drag & Drop (Currency Converter Widget) into sidebar“


  1. Upload the currency-converter-widget folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Currency Converter Widget plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to „Appearance > Widgets > Drag & Drop (Currency Converter Widget) into sidebar“


  1. Go to „Currency Tool“
  2. Adjust the size, color, currency pair, language, and click „Preview“ to generate shortcode below


17. 7. 2018
This is really awesome currency converter plugin, I was looking for short-code and widget also, this plugin provide both and also work multiple short-code and widget on same page without any conflict. Really nice, simple to use, no confusion.
16. 8. 2017
Love this plugin. This is one of the best plugins I've used in currency converter section. Great work developer!
14. 8. 2017
Exactly what I need to be able to count on daily, and it makes me much easier to work. Great job, great plugin.
14. 8. 2017
I have used this plugin for my client for currency converter. I must say its very easy to use and show the current exact currency rate no problem found in this currency converter. Customization option also available.
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