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WordPress Post Grid and List Plugin

We believe that a beautiful grid and list of posts with make your WordPress site stand out and keep visitors engaged. That’s why we built Content Views, a WordPress post grid and list plugin that’s EASY and POWERFUL.

Content Views helps you to create beautiful recent posts grid, category posts grid, tag posts grid, author posts grid, and other types of grid for your WordPress site in minutes, without any line of code!

Content Views is a 100% mobile responsive posts grid solution, so your grid of posts will always look great on all devices (mobiles, tablets, and desktops).

Content Views‘ grids are also highly optimized for performance, to help improve SEO and conversions.

There is no more pain of creating WordPress posts grid and list.

Easy to Use

Content Views requires no time to learn, no coding skill to create beautiful grid and list of posts for your WordPress site. There is a friendly form of settings to help you create your grid and list easily. All settings are well organized, with clear descriptions. There is a live preview panel to see your posts grid instantly. All things were designed to help you create your WordPress posts grid and list in minutes, without hiring a developer.

There are 3 simple steps to design your WordPress grid by Content Views:
* Step 1: Filter any posts you want to show (with many possible options: ID, category, tag, author, keyword, status).
* Step 2: Select beautiful grid or list layout to display your posts. You can customize the grid and list in your own way with many useful settings.
* Step 3: Paste generated shortcode to anywhere you want to display your grid of posts.

Powerful Post Grid and List Plugin

We have all the settings you need to filter and display any WordPress posts, pages in responsive grid and list layout easily, without coding.

The full Content Views feature list:

  • 100% Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • SEO friendly and optimized for speed
  • Pagination support
  • Display grid of posts on WordPress page, widget, theme template easily by shortcode
  • Display recent posts in a second
  • Display posts by category
  • Display posts by tag
  • List posts by IDs
  • List posts by author
  • Show posts which contain specific keyword in title, content
  • List of child pages for a parent page
  • Show posts‘ featured images in grid gallery
  • Display post title, excerpt, thumbnail
  • Display post date, author, category, comments count
  • Sort posts by date
  • Sort posts by title
  • Limit the number of posts in grid
  • Show posts in Collapsible list, useful for a FAQ page
  • Show posts in Scrollable list, a simple slider of posts
  • Easy to customize and extend with many custom WordPress actions, filters hook

Give Content Views a try, and create your WordPress posts grid effortlessly!

More Features For Your WordPress Grid

There is Pro version of Content Views plugin that comes with many more valuable features to supercharge your WordPress posts grid and list.
Upgrade to Pro.

The Pro feature list:

Upgrade to Pro.
See Live Demo.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Content Views plugin overview
  • Display Setting form to customize output of queried posts at front-end
  • Query and display in Grid layout (Show Title, Thumbnail)
  • Query and display in Grid layout (Show Title, Thumbnail, Content) with Pagination
  • Query and display in Collapsible layout
  • Query and display in Slider layout


Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‚Add New‘ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‚Content Views‘
  3. Click ‚Install Now‘
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‚Add New‘ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‚Upload‘ area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click ‚Install Now‘
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the content-views-query-and-display-post-page directory to your computer
  3. Upload the content-views-query-and-display-post-page directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Časté dotazy

How to start?

In WordPress Admin menu, click Content Views > Add New

What is ‚View‘?

‚View‘ is a custom post type which Content Views plugin stores all settings to filter & display your posts

How many Views I can create?

You can create Unlimited Views, in Unlimited websites

How to edit a View?

In WordPress Admin menu, click Content Views. Paste View ID or title to text field beside „Search Views“ button, then click the button to search.
Click on Title of View you want to edit.
You will be forwarded to View page.

How to use View on my home page?

If you are using a static page as home page, you should paste shortcode [pt_view id=“VIEW_ID“] to editor of that page.
If you are using „Your latest posts“ as home page, you should paste this code <?php echo do_shortcode("[pt_view id=VIEW_ID]"); ?> to a theme file: front-page.php or home.php or index.php.


Good Plugin but only 1 year of Updates…

i had bought that pro version and it is a good one.

The support on the forum was good aswell, i had a few problems they were fast after (Should have read the documentation, whatever)

The bad part is and thats why i gave this theme only 2 stars.

The payment structure!

I really was thinking about going for the unlimited sites a few month ago, but then my license expired a few days ago.

You only have 1 year of updates on all 3 licenses.

It is totaly okay if the SUPPORT ends after 1 year, but i’am not sure if the UPDATES on all 3 licenses should end after 1 year. This one year is soo fast over and then you have bought the ultimate license for 199€ (which i was thinking to buy) and you don’t get updates anymore.

I was updating the PHP version of my webspace. So as example, PHP 5.x support is ending end of 2018. On version he was making some PHP fixes for 7.1 / 7.2 (for some rare problems) You don’t get that after 1 year and you have to renew the license ????!

As example what all can happen -> on the woocommerce start page they are saying you need to update woocommerce before WordPress 3.5 is coming, otherwise it gets broken…

The new 3.5 WordPress version will probaply causing problems, i don’t get updates anymore, perfect!

The problems will come for sure, even with WordPress 4.0 or 4.5…

And if the license ends:
– You’re loosing access to the Forum. You can’t even read there to get information, if a problem get fixed with a new version or something like that.
– You can’t donwload anymore the last possible Version of the plugin on the profile, like 90% of all Plugin seller does.

Great plugin

I needed to restructure a site that got too big for the original layout. This plugin is very helpful for displaying the new structure to readers. replaced all the WP built-in category pages with new ones.

Pro version support is awesome. Questions answered within 1 day with great documentation.

Very nice!

Looks good, CSS was easy to adjust style, fast set-up (phew!). Nice plugin.

The best support EVER. fantastic plugin

I purchased this plugin for a client who was previously using a cheesy and dated looking plugin to display Views on his site. He immediately LOVED the look of the Content Views plugin, but I had a problem — the taxonomies and Custom Post types on his site were complex and I ran into a lot of problems trying to get the plugin to work properly. I was about to give up and tell the client that we had to make due with the previous cheesy plugin when I sent a brief email off to Content Views support describing my issue. Much to my amazement and joy I received a prompt and thorough response that not only explained how to fix my problems, but even suggested the exact code fixes that instantly solved all my issues. I have bought several pro plugins, but have never received the level of support that I got from Content Views. I am forever grateful to them for helping me look very good to my client. Thank you Sonya!!!

So far very well

Still trying out the free version. wish the was an option to remove the „Read more“ button.. unless this is in the Pro version.

Update: Fast response from the author.. Issue fixed!


Everything is excellent.

I think you must add option to limit the number of post on tablet & mobile…..

On desktop I have set number of post to 7 however on mobile page I want only two, which is not possible as per given option.

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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Přehled změn

2.1.2 – 2018/10/19

  • Fix: Non-Ajax pagination in custom taxonomy archives causes 404 error

2.1.1 – 2018/09/22

  • Fix: No line-break in Text widget caused by a change in version 2.1

2.1 – 2018/09/21

  • Update: SEO friendly URL for non-Ajax pagination (change from /?_page=N to /pages/N)
  • Update: Prevent private taxonomies from being shown in meta fields
  • Update: Adjust color of the Content Views icon in Dashboard menu, only highlight on open/click
  • Update: Prevent empty p tag from being added to View output in Text widget
  • Update: Some other updates & improvements

2.0.2 – 2018/04/09

  • Update: Redirect /?vpage=NUMBER to new URL depending on which page the pagination is showing on
  • Compatible Fix: Excerpt of posts created by the Cornerstone Page Builder plugin is incorrect
  • Tweak: Update content of the Settings page and description of some settings – 2018/01/19

  • Fix: Embedded URLs (that are on their own line) in post content shows in the excerpt
  • Update: Remove dependence of „Show Thumbnail“ to „Format“ setting, of „Show Taxonomies“ to „Content Type“ setting
  • Dev: Prevent the global $post to be changed while processing the View shortcode in content of a post
  • Tweak: Small CSS update – 2017/11/16

  • Update: Only do_shortcode() in the post content, text widget if the View shortcode was not done
  • Update: Small CSS update for the Collapsible list – 2017/11/01

  • Fix incompatibility with WordPress 4.8.3: No posts found in non-English languages sites
  • Tweak: Update and add some texts in Add/Edit View page, Settings page
  • Tweak: remove .mo file, rename .po file to .pot file – 2017/09/25

  • Compatible Fix: „Sort by“ feature always returns a same order, when the „Intuitive Custom Post Order“ plugin is in used
  • Compatible Fix: Resolve conflict with Slider Revolution plugin – 2017/08/19

  • Fix: Text is invisible in some cases when select „Do not wrap text around image“ setting
  • Improvement: Update pages list of ajax pagination more dynamically
  • Dev: Add filter „comments_count“ to customize comment output
  • Dev: Add filter „hierarchical_post_type“ to enable „Parent Page“ settings for other post types – 2017/06/09

  • Compatible Fix: Posts of excluded categories in „Ultimate category excluder“ plugin don’t show in View output
  • Update: Remove SESSION usage & relative functions
  • Improvement: Cleanup View transients from database
  • Tested up to 4.8 – 2017/05/24

  • New: Add setting to not wrap text around image (when show thumbnail on the left/right of text)
  • Tweak: Add class to each pagination item
  • Tweak: Change class of scrollable carousel element
  • Tweak: Update README.txt
  • Dev: Add some filters – 2017/04/26

  • Fix: Compatible with latest version 2.5.2 of Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin (excerpt of posts built with that plugin is invalid after update)
  • Tweak: Add pt_cv_taxonomy_settings filter to modify taxonomy settings

1.9.8 – 2017/04/17

  • Update: Remove default font-size of Title
  • Fix: „Sort by“ feature always returns a same order, when the „Simple Custom Post Order“ plugin is in used
  • Fix: View output doesn’t appear correctly in page created by OptimizePress plugin

1.9.7 – 2017/03/28

  • New: Add setting to change HTML tag for Title
  • Update: Show message in Preview panel when enabled Pagination but there is only 1 page
  • Tweak: More useful information in Content Views >> Settings page
  • Improvement: Refactor some code to improve performance

1.9.6 – 2017/03/08

  • Fix: Shortcode of „Visual Composer“ plugin is visible in content of posts loaded by Ajax pagination
  • Fix: „Sort by“ feature always returns a same order, when the „Post Types Order“ plugin is in used
  • Update: Add Romania translation, thanks to „Dan Caragea“
  • Update: Add Dutch translation, thanks to „At Voogt“
  • Update: Add Chinese translation, thanks to „JIGE-HNM (iojpe dot com)“
  • Update: Add Russian translation, thanks to @snakecom
  • Tweak: Add some filters to customize authors list, thumbnail, excerpt

1.9.5 – 2017/02/08

  • Fix: In some cases, HTML output of excerpt is broken when allows HTML tags in excerpt
  • Improvement: More clear and simple label, text for some settings
  • Update: Remove <!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> of Divi theme from excerpt
  • Update: Hide empty <p> tag from excerpt (which can add unnecessary blank space to content area)
  • Update: Add default font-style normal for link & button

1.9.4 – 2017/01/25

  • New: Show link to add new View from Admin bar – 2017/01/21

  • Fix: Correct output of Scrollable list in Tablet devices – 2017/01/11

  • Update: simplify label of some settings in Add/Edit View page
  • Improvement: simplify code base and improve performance of Grid, Collapsible List
  • Improvement: some style adjustments for Scrollable List – 2016/12/27

  • Update: Save temporary View data to WordPress transient if SESSION is not available
  • Improvement: Show all content of Collapsible list when printing

1.9.3 – 2016/11/22

  • Improvement: Remove prefix „by“, „in“ (before taxonomy, author) to save translation effort
  • Improvement: More accurate, time-saving mechanism to remove raw shortcodes text of other plugins in post content
  • Fix: „View maybe not exist“ error, caused by custom filter hook (which modifies post_type in WordPress query) of another plugin – 2016/11/05

  • Tweak: Update message when something went wrong, show exact error in Preview panel
  • Tweak: Update description for keyword setting
  • Tweak: Introduce filter „pt_cv_link_html“ to modify HTML output of title, thumbnail, read-more button

1.9.2 – 2016/10/24

  • Revert force_balance_tags() for item HTML wrapper, to prevent broken output
  • Tweak: Remove unused functions
  • Tweak: Introduce filter „pt_cv_pagination_text“ to customize pagination text

1.9.1 – 2016/10/10

  • Fix: XSS security flaw (a big thank to Tristan Madani)
  • Tweak: Improve logic/coding in settings processing, view output functions
  • Tweak: Update some descriptions in View dashboard

1.9.0 – 2016/09/19

  • Update: Make excerpt length works with languages which don’t use spaces between words
  • Update: Validate session ID before using to prevent session hijacking

1.8.9 – August 19 2016

  • New: Add wrapper for Grid items, to facilitate adding custom style (background color, border, padding, margin)
  • Fix: W3C validator (duplicate ID „pt-cv-page-1“)
  • Update: Remove text of [caption] shortcode from excerpt
  • Update: Clear view_count post meta & related functions
  • Tweak: Change sort by option „Created date“ to „Published date“
  • Tweak: Remove filter „excerpt_clean_tags“, add filter „tag_to_remove“ to exclude content of any HTML tags from excerpt

1.8.8 – August 03 2016

  • New: Able to edit Read More text
  • Improvement: Minify and combine styles, scripts to save bandwidth and improve performance
  • Fix: Excerpt (of content was built with Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin) is not updated
  • Fix: [Scrollable List] Indicators don’t change active status
  • Update: [Collapsible List] Allow HTML tags (<b>, <br>, <code>, <em>, <i>, <img>, <big>, <small>, <span>, <strong>, <sub>, <sup>, <label>, <cite>) in heading

1.8.7 – July 25 2016

  • Fix: Broken View output when put View shortcode in Text element of Divi Builder plugin
  • Fix: Shortcode of another plugin is visible in Preview panel
  • Tweak: Add filter to show all collapsible items at page load

1.8.6 – June 27 2016

  • Fix: Conflict with Autoptimize plugin (when enabled forced JS in HEAD)
  • Fix: Incorrect number of words in excerpt when uses \xC2\xA0 or &nbsp; as space
  • Improvement: Able to resize Preview box
  • Tweak: Add filter hook to create custom output completely

1.8.5 – May 27 2016

  • New: Add setting to configure responsive output for Mobile, Tablet devices easily
  • Update: Hide all notices of other plugins in Add/Edit View page
  • Improvement: Faster performance with optimized core filter „item_col_class“ – May 11 2016

  • Fix: [View dashboard] Term boxes under „Select taxonomy“ panel are not shown after saving View

1.8.4 – May 09 2016

  • New: Add option to enable/disable „Open first item by default“ for Collapsible List
  • Update: Leverage WordPress core translations (for „Read More“, „No posts found.“ …) to minimize user translation effort
  • Update: Update setting text in View dashboard to improve usability

1.8.3 – April 15 2016

  • New: [Collapsible list] Show first item by default
  • Fix: Blank excerpt when post content was made all by shortcodes
  • Fix: Little style issue of numeric text field in WordPress 4.5
  • Fix: Remove unwanted styles (uniform.aristo …) of another plugin in View page (it caused setting options are overlapping each others)
  • Update: Uncheck „Show Author“, „Show Comment“ by default

1.8.2 – April 01 2016

  • Update: Remove default font-size 14 pixels for post content in View
  • Tweak: Show post id as data for item (facilitate to customize individual post style)
  • Tweak: Add some filters to customizing View elements by PHP code

1.8.1 – March 21 2016

  • Improvement: Equal column width in grid of 5,7,8,9,10,11 columns (in prior versions, last column was biggest)
  • Fix: Conflict with theme/plugin which uses Bootstrap library – March 12 2016

  • Update: Remove notice message (when there is Javascript errors in active theme/another plugin). It caused confusion. – March 02 2016

  • Tweak: Update Notice message at front-end (when Javascript error occurs) to avoid misunderstand – March 01 2016

  • Improvement: Detect Javascript errors (which can stop Content Views from working properly), show guide to try to solve it automatically
  • Improvement: Prevent error „Permission denied“ by session_start() in some hostings
  • Improvement: Prevent conflicts with dropdown Menu in theme
  • Improvement: Clearer shortcode information in View edit page
  • Improvement: Add 2 clear notices in View dashboard about term, thumbnail
  • Improvement: Increase performance by optimizing styles, scripts
  • Improvement: Print friendly (remove plain text URL after each link in Print mode)
  • Update: Disable option „Don’t load Bootstrap 3 style & script“

1.7.8 – February 06 2016

  • Improvement: [supports qTranslate-X plugin] Generate valid excerpt of post in current language
  • Fixed: Some bugs of pagination in special cases
  • Update: Drop support for „vpage“ parameter in (Ajax) Numbered pagination to prevent ambiguous logic

1.7.7 – January 12 2016

  • Bug fixed: Content floats after View output
  • Tweak: Code relates to grid system
  • Tweak: Update filter „page_attr“

1.7.6 – January 11 2016

  • Update: Set Administrator (instead of Editor) as default user role who can add, edit, delete View
  • Update: Do not wrap items in output to rows anymore
  • Update: Disable sub View by default
  • Improvement: Better View dashboard (simplified text & description, improved styles & scripts, improved display in Tablet)
  • Improvement: Better performance by better solution