Honeypot for Contact Form 7


This simple addon module to the wonderful Contact Form 7 (CF7) plugin adds basic honeypot anti-spam functionality to thwart spambots without the need for an ugly captcha.

The principle of a honeypot is simple — bots are stupid. While some spam is hand-delivered, the vast majority is submitted by bots scripted in a specific (wide-scope) way to submit spam to the largest number of form types. In this way they somewhat blindly fill in fields, regardless of whether the field should be filled in or not. This is how a honeypot catches the bot — it introduces an additional field in the form that if filled out will trigger the honeypot and flag the submission as spam.

Additionally, as of version 2.1, the plugin also features an optional submission time check. This checks how long it takes to submit the form and if under a user-defined threshold, it rejects the submission as spam. This works under the idea (backed up by testing) that spam bots submit forms super fast (usually 1-2 seconds), whereas people take longer.


You will need Contact Form 7 version 3.0+ at a minimum. It is recommended to use version 5.3+ of CF7, for better spam logging. For the best results, we suggest always using the latest versions of WordPress and CF7.

We highly recommend Flamingo with CF7 and this plugin. Using Flamingo allows you to track spam submissions (via inbound messages / spam tab in Flamingo), showing you what got caught in the honeypot and why. Be sure to check your Honeypot settings to turn storing the honeypot on for this.


Support can be found here. Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook for updates and news.

Visit the Honeypot for Contact Form 7 plugin page for additional information or to buy us a coffee to say thanks.


This plugin does not track users, store any user data, send user data to external servers, nor does it use cookies. This is an addon plugin, and requires Contact Form 7. Please review Contact Form 7’s privacy policies for more information.


If you’d like to translate this plugin, please visit the plugin’s translate.wordpress.org page. As of v1.10, all translation is handled there. Version 2.0 brings a bunch of new strings in need of translation, so a huge thank you to the polyglots that contribute!


The latest version of this plugin is designed to work with the latest version of Contact Form 7 and WordPress. If you are using older versions of either, you’re best to find the version of this plugin released around the same time as the version you’re using. You can access older versions of this plugin by clicking Advanced View on the right of the plugin’s page and scrolling to the bottom of the plugin’s page. Use at your own risk. We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest versions whenever possible.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Global Honeypot Settings
  • Honeypot CF7 Form Tag Settings


  1. Nainstalujte pomocí funkce WordPress „Přidat plugin“ – stačí vyhledat „Honeypot for Contact Form 7“.
  2. Potvrďte, že je nainstalován a aktivován Contact Form 7. Poté aktivujte tento plugin.
  3. Upravit formulář v Contact Form 7.
  4. Vyberte „Honeypot“ z generátoru tagů CF7. Doporučeno: změňte ID prvku honeypot.
  5. Vložte vygenerovaný tag kamkoli do formuláře. Přidané pole používá vložené styly CSS ke skrytí pole před návštěvníky.

Úprava HTML výstupu Honeypot [POKROČILÉ]

Zatímco základní nastavení by mělo většině lidí vyhovovat, přidali jsme pro vás několik filtrů, které dále upraví pole honeypot. K dispozici jsou tyto tři filtry:

  • wpcf7_honeypot_accessibility_message – Adjusts the default text for the (hidden) accessibility message (can now be done on the settings page).
  • wpcf7_honeypot_container_css – Upraví styl CSS, který se použije na kontejner honeypot, aby byl skrytý.
  • wpcf7_honeypot_html_output – Upraví celý výstup HTML prvku honeypot.

Příklady výše uvedeného naleznete v tomto receptu Gist.

Nejčastější dotazy

Zastaví tento modul veškerý spam z mého kontaktního formuláře?

Asi ne. Mělo by to však zredukovat na úroveň, kdy nebudete potřebovat žádnou další ochranu proti spamu (CAPTCHA, matematické otázky atd.).

Jsou honeypoty lepší než CAPTCHA?

This largely depends on the quality of the CAPTCHA. Unfortunately the more difficult a CAPTCHA is to break, the more unfriendly it is to the end user. This honeypot module was created because I don’t like CAPTCHAs cluttering up my forms. My recommendation is to try this module first, and if you find that it doesn’t stop enough spam, then employ more challenging anti-spam techniques.

Can I use more than one Honeypot field in my forms?

You sure can, and many users have indicated this helps stop even more spam, as it increases your chances a bot will get caught in the trap. Just make sure each Honeypot field has a unique name.

Mohu upravit HTML výstupy tohoto pluginu?

Ano! Další podrobnosti naleznete v části Instalace a příklady naleznete v tomto Gistu.

Můj formulář se neověřuje pomocí nástroje pro ověřování W3C

As of version 2.0, this shouldn’t be the case any longer. However, if it is for some reason, there is a simple work around. See here for details.

Does this plugin work with Flamingo?

You bet! If the honeypot trap is triggered, an email isn’t sent, but the form submission is added to the spam section of Flamingo so you can review what tripped things up.

Why do you have affiliate ads on your settings page?

I realize not everyone loves ads, but daddy’s gotta pay the bills. I’m extremely grateful to the numerous users that have donated to the plugin’s development over the years, and while that’s awesome, I don’t think donations will ever come remotely close to covering the time and effort it takes to maintain and support a plugin that now has nearly 1.5 million downloads and more than 300,000 active installs.


27. 5. 2022
I receive about 10–20 spam messages a day. I've had this installed since mid April, and it says "honeypot has stopped 0 spam submissions". This is with the time check option enabled and the id changed, recommended in the documentation.
22. 5. 2022
My 5 wordpress sites have been spamless since using Honeypot for Contact Form 7. So much so, that I have entirely forgotten the aggravation that I once endured. And that is why this review is long overdue, I forgot to write it! There is another plus in using this plugin, I was able to uninstall google's recaptcha and no longer suffer the slow-down that recaptcha causes on every page and post. Thanks again!
22. 2. 2022
Its not working. I did everything i can on the youtube every possible solution but its not working still sending. Hi I think i found out that your plugin has a conflict to my https://wordpress.org/plugins/multiline-files-for-contact-form-7/ if this is activated.
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Přehled změn


Added new feature: additional submission time check to improve bot-stopping power! Also, fixed small HTML issue and tidied up shortcode interface.


Improved backwards compatibility. Solves issues when plugin installed on older versions of CF7.


Better error checking for missing config problems.


General code cleanup, better adherence to WP coding standards and fixes for i18n functions.


Replaced text domain constant with plain string for better i18n compatability.


Hotfix for issue with options not being set on upgrade.


A significant update with a bunch of new things. Please see the release notes.


Menší aktualizace za účelem změny názvu, aby byl v souladu s oznámením o autorských právech CF7.


Přidáno do-not-store, když jsou formuláře uloženy v DB (tj. Flamingo). Vylepšené maskování a přizpůsobení obálky ID.


Additional functionality to improve spam-stopping power.


Introduces ability to force W3C compliance. See here for details.


Addresses accessibility concerns regarding a missing label and disables autocomplete to prevent browser autocomplete functions from filling in the field.


Updates for Function/Class changes related to CF7 4.6. Removed plugin local language support, instead use translate.wordpress.org.


Added i18n support, French language pack. Thx chris-kns


Added wpcf7_honeypot_accessibility_message and wpcf7_honeypot_container_css filters, i18n support.


Provides backwards compatibility for pre-CF7 4.2, introduces ability to remove accessibility message.


Quick fix release to fix PHP error introduced in 1.6.3.


Updates to accommodate changes to the CF7 editor user interface.


Small change to accommodate validation changes made in CF7 4.1.


Small change to accommodate changes made in CF7 3.9.


Quite a lot of code clean-up. This shouldn’t result in any changes to the regular output, but it’s worth checking your forms after updating. Also, you’ll note that you now have the ability to add a custom CLASS and ID attributes when generating the Honeypot shortcode (in the CF7 form editor).


Added filter hook for greater extensibility. See installation section for more details.


Update to make compatible with WordPress 3.8 and CF7 3.6. Solves problem of unrendered honeypot shortcode appearing on contact forms.


Update to improve outputted HTML for better standards compliance when the same form appears multiple times on the same page.


Small update to add better i18n and WPML compatibility.


Small update for W3C compliance. Thanks Jeff.


  • Initial release.