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Dynamic Select for Contact Form 7


Addopt this plugin. Please see details on Github.

Create dynamic select fields in contact form 7. Requires Contact Form 7.

Field values of dynamic select field are populated by using filters.

How To Use

1) Create a filter to be called from your CF7 Dynamic Select Field.

Example Filter:

function cf7_dynamic_select_do_example1($choices, $args=array()) {
    // this function returns an array of 
    // label => value pairs to be used in
    // a the select field
    $choices = array(
        '-- Make a Selection --' => '',
        'Choice 1' => 'Choice 1',
        'Choice 2' => 'Choice 2',
        'Choice 3' => 'Choice 3',
        'Choice 4' => 'Choice 4',
        'Choice 5' => 'Choice 5'
    return $choices;
} // end function cf7_dynamic_select_do_example1
             'cf7_dynamic_select_do_example1', 10, 2);

2) Enter the filter name and any arguments into the Filter Field when adding a Dynamic Select Field.
For example, if we need to supply a term_id so that the filter can get the posts in a category the
filter value entered would look something like this:

my-filter term_id=9

Do Not Include any extra spaces or quotes arround values, names or the =

You can pass any number are arguments to your filter and they will be converted into an array. For example the

my-filter product-type=101 brand=500

This will call the function assocaited with the filter hook ‚my-filter‘ with an arguments the argument array of:
$args = array(
‚product-type‘ => 101,
‚brand‘ => 500

Your filter must return an array. The array must be a list of „Label“ => „Value“ pairs.
For more information see the example in cf7-dynamic-select-examples.php included in the plugin folder.

Also on GitHub

Snímky obrazovky

  • Create Dynamic Select Field


  1. Upload the files to the plugin folder of your site
  2. Activate it from the Plugins Page

Časté dotazy

Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the files to the plugin folder of your site
  2. Activate it from the Plugins Page
Why Filters?

Many other plugins of this type use shortcodes. I’m not a real fan of shortcodes, but that’s not the only

Filters are much more flexible that shortcodes.

For example, a shortcode cannot return an array. A shortcode pretty much requires that only a text value is returned.


10. 3. 2017
Great plugin, does exactly as it says. Big thanks!
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Dynamic Select for Contact Form 7 je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • correct fatal error called to undefined function when CF7 in not active.


  • corrected to work with CF7 >= 4.8


  • corrected fatal function call error due to update in CF7


  • Replaced depricated CF7 function calls


  • corrected possible fatal error from duplicate function


  • Added default value logic
  • Corrected Bug: allow multiple not working when inserting new field


  • Corrected PHP notice „Indirect modification of overloaded element of WPCF7_Validation has no effect“


  • Fix validation error removing other attributes, thanks pjgalbraith
  • Changed name of plugin to meet new WP guidelines


  • Corrected a bug, incorrect field type name when creating new field, introduced in 1.1.0


  • Updated tag pane to be completely compatible w/ CF7 >= V4.2
  • Backwards compatible w/ CF7 < V4.2


  • updated to work with CF7 V4.2 (tag pane still needs some work to make it 100% but it can be used and it will still work with previous versions of CF7)


  • Preserve $_GET value – If the value of the field is present in query string, preset the selected values.


  • initial release