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CoinTent Paywall  


CoinTent Paywall enables you to start selling your content with a free plugin that is easy to install and setup.

CoinTent is the best way to drive revenue on your site through paid subscriptions or micropayments. With CoinTent, your visitors can either pay for individual pieces of content or purchase subscription access to your entire site. You choose what content to sell and for how much(minimum of $0.05). We handle the rest.

  • Subscriptions & Memberships – Sell automatically recurring monthly weekly, and yearly subscription access. CoinTent handles the payment processing with no merchant account required.

  • Micropayments – Sell access to individual articles for as little as 5 cents.

  • Metered Paywall – Give away free articles before asking users to subscribe.
  • Analytics – Find out what your readers want. See graphs of your sales, user funnels, and viewers. Export your data to csv format for further analysis.
  • Customize – CoinTent offers easy, customizable, and flexible integration. Create a premium purchase experience that matches your brand.

  • Secure and Easy Payment – CoinTent focuses on security and privacy in handling payments, preventing fraud, customer service, and account management.



Give users access to premium content on your site with weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions.


Sell access to individual pieces of content for $0.05-$1.00. Micropayments drastically increase the number of paying users on your site, since they attract more engaged viewers who may not be ready to subscribe, but still want to access your premium content to fully enjoy your site.

Micropayment Wallet

CoinTent uses a digital wallet to make micropayments easy. The wallet provides:

  • Optimized 1-click purchases for your consumers
  • Lower credit card fees since consumers fund their wallet in advance

  • Incentive for consumers to make multiple purchases instead of a one-off payment


For more information, visit


Payment Processors: Braintree, Paypal

We provide: Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions, Paywalls, Memberships, Micropayments for individual pieces of content, a digital wallet shared across the web to make purchasing content easier.

Snímky obrazovky

  • The CoinTent widget integrated into a blog check out to see it in action

  • The CoinTent setup account page. This is how a consumer creates an account to pay for content via day passes or micropayments.

  • The CoinTent subscription sign-up page. This is how the user creates an account to subscribe to your website.

  • The unlocked content, and unlocked CoinTent widget.


CoinTent is easy to setup!  Start selling content in minutes.

  1. Sign up for a free account at

  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard and install the CoinTent plugin

  3. Add your publisher ID (found in your CoinTent account) to the CoinTent plugin settings

  4. Select a category to treat as premium content

  5. Save your changes and you’re done! Check out your new paywall by visiting the premium category on your site

For more options and customizations checkout the full documentation at

Nejčastější dotazy

How does CoinTent work?

Publishers install the CoinTent plugin and determine the content they’d like to sell, and the price they’d like to charge. The plugin blocks access to the content, and displays a button that allows users to pay for the content. Consumers with an account can purchase content with one click. Consumers without an account can sign-up for an account and fund their wallet while staying on your website, and then continue to purchase content without disrupting the user experience. You can sign up for a publisher account at [](

How do I get paid?

To receive payment for your sales, please contact us with the following information:

  • Company Name (DBA) on account

  • Your Full Name

  • Routing Number

  • Account Number

  • Bank Name

  • Account type

We will pay your account monthly by bank transfer as long as you have accumulated a minimum of $10. If you have any questions on payments, please contact

What is the cost structure?
  • For transactions over $2 and subscription charges, the service fee is 5% + $0.30,  3% + $0.30 of that covers regular credit card processing.
  • For transactions under $2.00, the credit card processing fees are 15% and the CoinTent service charge is 5%. Please refer to our pricing page for more details.
Can I choose the price of each of my articles?

Yes, the prices are defaulted to $0.25 and can be changed in your account dashboard.

How do I integrate the CoinTent plugin?

Check out our step-by-step guide or email for more help.

What content can I sell?

You can sell any content (articles, blog posts, videos, etc.).  Just wrap the content you want to hide in the „cointent_lockedcontent“ shortcode and any content before the more tag will be paywalled. More information is available in our documentation.

How do I make an article available for sale?

There are two ways to designate an article for sale. You can either pick a WordPress category and make all posts in that category for sale, or you can add the CoinTent shortcode to the individual article you want to sell. More information is available in our documentation.

What payment methods does it allow?

CoinTent currently allows users to fill their wallets with all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club) and PayPal.

Do you provide analytics?

Yes, you can login at to your publisher account dashboard to see your revenue, in total, by top articles, user funnels. We are continuously adding more analytics and data visualizations.

Why do I have to agree to tracking?

Tracking is core to reporting your financial success.  Data from your individual visitors is anonymous and aggregated, yet helps you test different prices and see what content people are most willing to pay for.  CoinTent tracks views of posts, clicks on purchase buttons, and clicks on users logging in. CoinTent uses that data to compare against the number of readers that sign up for our service, and to guide our choices on the appropriate presentation of the checkout process. CoinTent also uses this data to make sure  that there are no bugs in the product; changes in the numbers help us see bugs even before they are reported so we can fix them before they affect many users. CoinTent does not sell your data to any third parties; it is used to make our product the best it can be and to help your business.

Do I need a CoinTent Publisher Account?

Yes, your CoinTent publisher account serves as your dashboard for setting prices for your articles, monitoring your sales, and requesting a payment of your balance.  A publisher account also allows us to keep you informed of our Terms of Service. You can sign up on

Do my readers need to create a CoinTent Account?

Yes. This way  CoinTent can remember which articles your readers have purchased, and bill them for subscriptions. The wallet also allows you to set prices lower than a $1. To receive payment for your sales, be sure to completely fill out your contact information on your account page. When your information is properly filled out, we will pay your account monthly by check as long as you have accumulated a minimum of $10. If you have any questions on payments, please contact

I have a question that wasn’t answered here. What do I do?

Please email us at We’d love to hear from you and help you get setup.


3. 9. 2016
Bradley and the team at Cointent have been key partners for us at They've helped us launch our premium content and have also enabled us to grow our revenue substantially with a turnkey Wordpress plugin. Their support is excellent, always going above and beyond to help their clients. We highly recommend the Cointent widget, platform and the team itself!
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CoinTent Paywall   je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • Adding adblock options to the plugin


  • Fixing bug on ad block changes


  • Adding in support for ad block


  • Adding in support for metered paywall


  • Adding in support for showing hidden subscriptions


  • Reverting filter change (broke more tag)


  • Adding customization for button verbs
  • Fixing double spinner issue


  • Fixing content length of 0 issues
  • Trying to fix double posts being setup
  • Changing inserted html to be a script tag in case theme auto removes empty div tags
  • Adding branding options
  • Adding article pricing options


  • Reverting check for double plugin


  • Adding backlink to setup
  • Changing to client side locking as default


  • Removing wpautop because they don’t seem to be necessary anymore


  • Add client only support for cointent_extras


  • Update to UTM information
  • Adding client side locking option
  • Update of pricing terms in FAQ

1.4.6 & 1.4.7

  • Version bumps for svn issues


  • Rollback of fix


  • Bug fix: Calling do_shortcode directly failed because the gated check was failing. Now allowed to pass.


  • Fixing plugin conflicts. Previews weren’t displaying changes other plugins had made.


  • Adding the ability to put labels on shortcodes (so you don’t have to set it
  • New images for welcome banner
  • Added option for a full refresh (vs reloading the page in place) on article unlock
  • Changed full page refresh to a POST call


  • Fixed subtitles and titles mysteriously not saving when incorrect characters are entered, now it only fails on double quotes and an error message is posted to the admin page.


  • Updated readme
  • Changed plugin to singleton pattern,
  • fixed issue with tracking on the home page not adding properly, was attached to wrong hook.p\


  • Roll back of excerpt changes in 1.3.8 that were not good.


  • Fix for shortcodes in excerpts where they should not be
  • Updated banner image
  • Updated step images
  • Clean up of admin page, added sections for subscriptions, and added information
  • Ability to add html to subtitle
  • Updated CSS wrapper div to be a single css class


  • [cointent_extras], now actually works properly


  • Potential fix for duplicated widgets appearing on some articles and pages
  • Renaming some constants to make sure they don’t collide with other plugins


  • Added check to make sure there aren’t duplicate widgets processed
  • Standardized code formatting


  • Fix for duplicated widgets appearing on some articles and pages


  • Option to reload full page to catch JS files added via other plugins. If you lock another plugin’s shortcode via the CoinTent plugin, it should now work, with this option active


  • Fixes to shortcode (duplicate widget on unlock)
  • Fixes to preview length code (had some edge cases)
  • Updating descriptions of plugin to include new daily pass and subscription offerings
  • Fixes regression on unlocking of content
  • Fixes manual shortcode double vision


  • Bump bc of issue with tagging on svn (1.2.1 was tagged as 1.3.0)


  • Removing user’s email from api calls to preserve user privacy and increase security


  • Removing wpautop from cointent the_content callback (was causing issues with JS inline in the body)
  • You can now use the „more“ tag to decide where your preview ends
  • Fixed formatting not available in default preview (cutoff by word count)


  • Updating to cointent.0.2.js & cointent-tracker.0.2.js. This fixes a double load of jquery that caused some plugin issues.


  • Fix for PHP warning, post id variable not set


  • Adding in support for video tags


  • Updated to show we work with 4.0
  • Removed cointent_response.js file, it is now included in cointent.0.1.js
  • Adjustable preview length, default is 55


  • Fixed a admin display issue (wasn’t showing widget before/after text)


  • Fixing spacing issues (not calling wpautop)
  • Added Sandbox mode
  • Fixed requires at least: to 3.8 (probably good until 3.6 but hasn’t been tested)


  • Fixing a problem with the shortcode being included in an excerpt (and failing when included)
  • Added back the auto formatting on paragraphs


  • Fixing issue that cleared the admin settings on upgrade
  • Changed the url that saves to the DB on article auto add to be the permalink instead of the window URL (which could be the front page or a category page)
  • Changed default view_type to be condensed


  • Really not getting the hang of updating all the locations of the versions


  • Visual update to admin for added clarity.


  • Tagging issue, and forgotten readme changes


  • Fixed big bug with broke locking when using categories
  • Added condense and full widget view toggle to admin
  • Added default text fields to admin
  • Disabled Sandbox mode


  • Release to
  • Fixing some formatting, and trying out tagging/ stable release


  • Added tracking for article gating – tracks the difference between gated articles viewed vs those that are not
  • Added time read widget in place of logo for „readTime“ experiment


  • Added emergency failure message state
  • Server to server calls to check article gating
  • Added excluding and including categories from the plugin
  • Added tracking file to plugin – we now track user interaction, page views, user device type and performance metrics so we can see where our issues are with the plugin.
  • General cleanup


  • Prebuilt widget
  • Sell individual posts on WP