Catna – Woo Name Your Price and Offers


Catna – Woo Name Your Price and Offers helps your customers who shop on your online store to propose their desired price for products. This plugin displays the price field of each product and allows customers to flexibly enter the price that they are willing to pay for a product. Customer price proposals can be approved if they are eligible for the price conditions and rules that you set in the backend.

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How to install and use the plugin

Important Notice:

  • Plugin works based on WooCommerce 7.x or higher.

  • It is released on and you can use plugin as free to build themes for sale.



  • Name your price: This feature allows customers to enter the suggested price on your products

  • Name your price: The plugin allows customers to enter the willing to pay price on the price field of products on the front end.

  • Set range of acceptable prices: You can set a minimum acceptable price and a maximum acceptable price for each product on the single product editing page.

  • Allow free purchase: You can allow your customers to buy products for free.

  • Invalid Price Error Validation: Whenever a customer enters an invalid Product price to buy the product, it will not allow buying the product, so we have added validation. Therefore, the admin can easily change the error message of invalid Price Error from settings.

  • Smart Offers: This feature allows customers to bargain at a lower price with the current product price if that bargain price matches the conditions that the admin set in the backend

  • Smart offer with product quantity: Set various smart offers based on the product quantities purchased. Offers can be a fixed amount decrease or percentage decrease in the product price based on the respective quantity.

  • Smart offer without product quantity: Set a smart offer for the product not based on the product quantity. You can set an offer with a fixed amount decrease or percentage decrease in the product price. Define minimum & maximum quantities a customer can order on configured price.

  • Display bargain form as a popup


All features from the free version.

  • Easily set the name your price and smart offers for simple, variable products.: You can set the name your price and smart offers for each simple or variable product.

  • Display the name your price on the shop page: The plugin allows set the name your price on the single product page and shop page.

  • Global rules: This feature helps shop owners to generate as many name your price or smart offer rules as you want that match product conditions or customer conditions set. It helps save time to set minimum acceptable prices and maximum acceptable prices for products or customers that matched the rules.

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Snímky obrazovky

  • Offers or Bargain
  • Name your price


  1. Unzip the download package
  2. Upload catna-woo-name-your-price-and-offers to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress


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– Updated: Compatible with wp 6.5
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