Plugin nebyl testován na 3 nejnovějších verzích WordPressu. Nemusí už být tedy podporován a u novějších verzí WordPressu může mít problémy s kompatibilitou a může být nestabilní.

Category Content


This WordPress plugin (widget) will be shown when visitors are viewing a single post, category page or both. Otherwise, it wont be there at all.
The widget contains a list of post titles from the same category(s) the visitor is viewing the post from, so the visitor is able to swiftly change posts by clicking on the titles shown.
Posts published in multiple categories are taken care of just fine. I’ve introduced a new feature in version 1.6 which gives you the possibility to show all the categories the post has been published in or the category where the visitor has been spotted the last time(uses cookie).

The widget can be controlled with the following widget options:

  • Title (before the category name(s))
  • Exclude category(s) by ID
  • Exclude categories on: Single, Category, Both, None
  • Sticky posts on top: Yes | No
  • Show posts from year: a specific year or all years
  • Show widget on: categories | single posts | both
  • Show category title(s): Yes | No
  • Post has multiple categories – what now: Show all categories | Show the last category viewed
  • Show how many posts
  • Single posts view – Order: DESC | ASC
  • Single post view – Orderby: Author | Category | Date | ID | Random
  • Category view – Order:DESC | ASC
  • Category view – Orderby: Author | Category | Date | ID | Random
  • Remove/Keep child categories

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Pro tento plugin nejsou žádné recenze.


Category Content je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn

Version: 0.6.0 – Added: Option (Control child cats)
Version: 0.6.1 – Fix: add title attribute
Version: 0.7.0 – Added the following options
* Choose where the widget must be shown
* Separate control for Order & Sort options
version: 1.1 – Fixed some minor ugly coding mistakes.
– Added a default class to the list item (category-item)
– Added a list item class to the current shown post (category-current-item)
– Fixed the issue concering the option which will show the widget on category pages and single posts (didn’t work properly)
Version: 1.3 – Added the possibility to show posts from a specific year or all years
Version: 1.6 – Added the possibility to exclude categories from the widget entirely
– Added the possibility to control the excluded categories by specifying where to exclude them: single post, category, both, do not exclude anything
– Added the option that when a single post has multiple categories, you can choose if you want to show all those categories or just the last viewed(uses cookie!)
Version: 1.7 – Fixed buffering…
Version: 2.0 – Added the possibility to show sticky posts on top of the list
Sticky posts will be ‚ordered by‘ and ‚sorted‘ using the same configuration as ‚Single post/Category view‘ – ‚Orderby‘ and ‚Order‘
Fixed: Bug showing last viewed category – did check cookie while post was published in 1 category – now it shows the category just as expected