Plugin nebyl testován na 3 nejnovějších verzích WordPressu. Nemusí už být tedy podporován a u novějších verzí WordPressu může mít problémy s kompatibilitou a může být nestabilní.

Category Visibility-iPeat Rev


Original authors: Keith McDuffee []
Rich Hamilton []
Projekt Seven his site is now down was

  • 1.0.1 Modified Projekt Seven’s work to include Front, Search, Feed, Archives features for WP 2.3
  • 1.0.2 Fixed bugs that would cause Archives and Feeds to blow up
  • 1.0.3 Fixed Duplicate post on Archives, Home, and Feeds when containing multiple Categories and added Tag support
  • 1.0.4 Fixed empty search results and Ghost categories in the wp_list_categories function
  • 1.0.5 Fixed broken install code and title_li option for wp_list_categories (FYI: wp_list_cats tag is deprecated and no longer supported by this plugin.)
  • 1.0.6 Fixed an additional title_li option related bug and duplication on Search
  • 1.0.7 Fixed empty front on 2.5.1
  • 1.0.8 Dropped tag and links support for 2.7 compatibility


  1. Simply download and unzip it.
    1. Put it in your plugins directory.
    2. Activate it.
    3. Go to “Manage,” “Category Visibility” to see the visibility settings for all categories. the options are:
      Front: Posts show up on the main (home) page.
      List: Categories that will show up in the List of categories in the sidebar.
      Search: Posts show up in search results.
      Feed: Posts show up in the main RSS/Atom feed.
      Archive: Posts show up in archive links (i.e., clicking on the calendar links)
    4. Everything is checked to show up by default.

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