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Easily integrate calendars into your WordPress website.
Candifly is a free service that allow you to easily create great looking designed calendars.
In a few minutes create and publish your calendar –

  • Choose your calendar template from a variety of great designs
  • Customize its behavior
  • Manually add events, or –
  • Sync it with your iCalendar feed (Airbnb, and others)
  • Copy its WordPress shorcode / HTML Tag to easily display it on your website

What else you get –

  • Customizable public landing page with your calendar that you can share with anyone.
  • Import events from 3rd parties such as Google and Outlook.
  • Get detailed analytics from your calendars – how many times were they displayed, which dates have been viewed, where did the users click.
  • High end cloud based services, your calendars will load FAST.

Check our Terms and Conditions page, and Privacy Policy page.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Plugin Menu
  • Classic Salmon template.
  • Bits Dark Blue template.
  • Peals Orange & Teal template.

Nejčastější dotazy

Is Candifly free?

Yes, our service is forever 100% free. You can upgrade to premium subscription to get premium features.

How do I add my calendar to my WordPress page?

After installing the plugin, go to your calendar setting page at Candifly, under the export tab (calendars ? choose calendar ? export tab) copy the shortcode for wordpress and paste it to your webpage.
The calendar will self-load into your page.

How can I add events to my calendar?

Adding events to your calendar is easy, you can add events in several ways
1. Simply click on the relevant date on your calendar preview section, a new window will popup for the relevant date.
2. In your calendar settings page, click the events tab on the top of the page (Calendars ? Choose Calendar ? Events tab), then click the (+) button to the right to add an event.
3. Add events by subscribing to an external iCalendar feed, your calendar will periodically sync with the feed depending, on your subscription.
4. Import you can import events from Google and Outlook, simply go to the events tab and click the import button on the top right

Where can I find more information?

Please visit for any question, also check the Help tab in the plugin menu.


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Přehled změn


  • Moved all analytics module to microservices
  • Added account secret key to allow sync with external APIs (i.e – WordPress)
  • New plugin menu –
    • Wizard to automatically connect/create account, auto sync with the plugin
    • Help section with guides
    • Display calendars, link to candifly’s calendar settings page


  • New framework caching module that supports both Memcached and Redis
  • New import module – add events from Google and Outlook. Google App is verified
  • Added default landing page designs per skin
  • Added calendar classes to support different staging sizes (small, x-small, medium, large)
  • Easier navigation in the analytics page to support configuration on refresh + redirecting
  • New duplicate functionality for calendar dashboard
  • Changed buttons design on dashboard
  • Added landing page module
  • Bug fixes
  • Added account deletion


  • Plugin released.