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This plugin allows members to share their location when posting activities; you can add places where you visited, nearby locations using Google Place API.

AutoComplete feature: You can add a location for your choice. Start typing location name, and it will suggest based on your input, and you can select it.

Google Place API key is required for it, and You can create your key from Google Place Web Service Documentation link.

It will also show a google map for all the activity posts that has a location.

If you need additional help, you can contact us for BuddyPress Check-ins.


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  1. Upload the entire bp-check-in folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.

Nejčastější dotazy

Does This plugin requires BuddyPress?

Yes, It needs you to have BuddyPress installed and activated.

What is the use of API Key option provided in general settings section?

With the help of Google Places API Key, a user can check-in with places autocomplete while updating post in BuddyPress and list checked in a location in google map.

Does this plugin require current location service?

Yes, this plugin require location service and you can allow it from browser settings.

How can we add a place when updating post?

Just go to your profile section where you can update post, if you have checked place types option in check in setting where you can see a map marker icon clicking on which you can add your checked-in place but if you have checked autocomplete option then there you can see an auto-complete text box where you can type and select any location or place. After selection of any place, you can see a google map below it.

Where can I see all check-ins activity?

Check-ins filter option is provided in BuddyPress filter drop-down option to list all check-ins activity.

Where can I see favorite locations?

All favorite locations are listed under Check-ins tab at BuddyPress profile page.

How to set location at profile page?

The plugin provides x-profile location field to set location at BuddyPress edit profile page.

How to go for any custom development?

If you need additional help you can contact us for Wbcom Designs.


14. 2. 2023
Everytime someones wants to post in the activity, it posts his position, this is not good for some members because it is showing their houses or or or.
23. 10. 2021
Can’t add locations with the „&“ symbol in the business name (chicken & rice) and it doesn’t add the location to the profile. Other than these issues, it does work.
4. 1. 2021 1 odpověď
I was Really sceptic on taking my chances with this, since I couldn’t find much reviews and around half of them were totally ditching. The reason I decided taking my chances after all was seeing that this has been updated only 9 months ago, with the most recent reviews from couple years ago. Setting the product up was as fluent as it could be. I only had to pick up my Google API, which is being used with other plugins too, and as I came to the activity page this was all ready. It found my location exact, the moment I landed the post section, and the only thing I then had to do was to write the beginning of the name or address of the location I wanted to share. That easily even the map was settled for the post I now published! Perfect, just perfect! ^^ Thank You! It’s a totally exclusive service for a free one!
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Wbcom Designs – Check-ins for BuddyPress Activity je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • Fix: Resolved issue with check-ins xprofile field (#129).
  • Fix: Addressed plugin activation redirect issue with WP v6.5.
  • Update: Merged remote-tracking branch ‚origin/2.1.1‘.
  • Fix: Eliminated a warning in the system (#128).
  • Fix: Corrected a warning and a hook warning (#126, #127).


  • Fix: Admin verify and not verify button style
  • Fix: (#120) Fixed extra fields visible on registration
  • Fix: (#116) Fixed api verification always visible true
  • Fix: (#119) Fixed added alert for secure origin


  • Fix: (#118)Fixed conflict with buddyboss platform photos
  • Fix: Fixed add photo issue on member profile with buddyboss


  • Fix: Managed notice UI
  • Fix: (#113)fixed bb forums conflict


  • Fix: (#115) Fixed group activity not deleted issue


  • Fix: Updated Admin Wrapper


  • Fix – Removed extra white space from welcome page
  • Fix – Reduced setInterval timeout with bb platform
  • Fix – (#112) Added RTL support
  • Fix – (#110) Fixed Add to my location issue
  • Fix – (#109) Fixed nonce verification message issue
  • Fix – Fixed phpcs issue


  • Fix – #108 – BuddyPress activity post form submit issue
  • Fix – phpcs issues


  • Fix – Fixed phpcs issues
  • Fix – Fixed plugin activation issue
  • Fix – (#103) Managed ‚-at‘ language translation
  • Fix – Managed ‚Add a place‘ language translation


  • Fix – (#102) Update checkin icon and fixes
  • Fix – (#102) Managed UI with bb platform 1.8.6


  • Fix – Hide Quotes section when click on Checkin icon
  • Fix – Hide Polls section when click on Checkins icon
  • Fix – Fixed – Delete Quotes and Polls activity when user click on Checkin Icon
  • Fix – Managed embeded activity frontend UI
  • Fix – Fixed Checkin Support for activity Embed
  • Fix – Fixed check-in panel position
  • Fix – Manage map icon with buddyboss
  • Fix – (#97) Fixed Location Field calculation Issue in Profile completion widget


  • Fix – (#93) Managed UI with kleo
  • Fix – (#94) Update map icon font awesome to svg
  • Fix – (#95) Update title content html structure and accordion UI


  • Fix -(#84)Fixed unable to mention friend
  • Fix – call js and css when newfeed widget element set


  • Fix – Hide activate option when open another option
  • Fix – #108 – Compatibility issue with Checkins


  • Fix – Fixed PHP Notices and warnings
  • Fix – #83) Fixed delete location is not working
  • Fix – #81) Fixed distort the location UI on single user profile
  • Fix – #77) Fixed check in icon not showing if youzer is not installed
  • Fix – #79) Fixed xprofile field settings
  • Fix – #77) Fixed default youzer setting issue
  • Fix – #75) Fixed – Translation issue
  • Enhancement- (#78) Changed tab slug as per tab name
  • Enhancement- Update BuddyPress Tab’s name as per settings


  • Fix: PHPCS fixes
  • Added: Youzer support


  • Fix – Alingment issue with rtmedia


  • Fix – Added plugin review notice.
  • Fix – Hide Checking toggle to hide other button like Quotes, Polls


  • Fix – updated settings
  • Fix – Added condition for BuddyPress plugin already active
  • Fix – Checkin listing will be displayed to logged in user at their profile only ( no public listing of checkins)


  • Enhancement- Plugin backend settings ui enhancement.
  • Enhancement- BP 4.3.0 compatibility.
  • Fix- Google placetypes missing with nouveau #44.
  • Fix- Add as my place fix #45.


  • Enhancement- Multisite Support


  • Enhancement- Code Quality Improviement with WPCS
  • Fix – Tanslation Fixes


  • Fix – UI Improvements
  • Fix – Error with PHP 7.0+ version.


  • Fix – Location fixes


  • Fix – A New option autocomplete is added in check-ins plugin setting. Now you can check either autocomplete or place types options.
  • Fix – If you check autocomplete, a autocomplete text box will be shown at the top of the page under textarea on member activity page where you can type and select any location from the list.
  • Fix – All activity posts which have any place or location a google map will be shown below them to point that particular place.
  • Enhancement – A new x-profile location field is added at BuddyPress profile page from where a user can set location.


  • Fix – Dual File Fixes


  • Fix – Location selection fixes


  • Fix – Fixed Map Linking in activity for specific location


  • Fix – Improved documentation and default Place type selection option


  • Fix – Initial release.