Blocksolid Gather


Blockolid Gather is a content aggregator which allows you to use a shortcode or gutenberg block to display related posts, pages, posts or custom post types in a grid.

In the Classic Editor Gather can be conjured using a simple shortcode such as:

[blocksolid_gather specificposttitle=“My Post“]

If you use the Block Editor / Gutenberg our included Gather block allows you to choose your related posts via certain parameters and provides a live-preview of them within your page.

If you are using our separate Blocksolid plugin as a page builder and Gutenberg overlay the Blocksolid Gather plugin also integrates well with this.

Blocksolid Gather Features

  • Choose max posts
  • Choose first post to return
  • Choose number per row
  • Choose post type
  • Choose specific post title
  • Order by date created, last modified, alphabetical title, random, author, relevance, menu order
  • Order ascending or decending
  • Hide margins between columns and rows
  • Pad out incomplete final rows
  • Filter by categories
  • Filter by tags
  • Related posts
  • Choose the excerpt length
  • Choose the excerpt sign-off
  • Choose the excerpt sign-off
  • Position media top, right, left, right or no media
  • Choose media size from registered sizes including registered custom sizes
  • Select a default placeholder image if a post does not have media or none at all
  • Show only the media in a media grid
  • Show image caption
  • Link media to post
  • Link caption to post
  • Add media zoom hover effect
  • Display videos including YouTube, Vimeo, Rumble and Dailymotion using their embed links
  • Display Podcasts e.g. Buzzsprout
  • Optionally show date last modified, author, categories, tags under post

Snímky obrazovky

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Tento plugin poskytuje 1 blok.

  • Gather


  • Install the plugin using the WordPress ‚Add New plugin‘ functionality and activate.

  • Once activated a new Gather block will be added to those available within the WordPress block editor – make sure that you are not hiding any!.

  • You can then call gather via a short code like [blocksolid_gather specificposttitle=“My Post“]

  • Parameters include:

  • max_posts (number)

  • first_post (number)
  • number_per_row (number)
  • order_by (‚post_date‘, ‚modified‘ ‚title‘, ‚rand‘, ‚author‘, ‚relevance‘, ‚menu_order‘)
  • ascending (true, false)
  • get_related (true, false)
  • specificposttitle (string)
  • categories (numbers)
  • tags (numbers)
  • primary_category_id (number)
  • post_type (‚post‘, ‚page‘, ‚custom-you-have-set‘)
  • site (number – for multisite)
  • media_position (‚top, ‚right‘, ‚bottom‘, ‚left‘, ‚none‘)
  • media_size (‚thumbnail, ‚medium‘, ‚large‘, ‚full‘, ‚widescreen_thumbnail‘, ‚widescreen_medium‘, ‚widescreen_large‘, ‚custom-you-have-set‘)
  • excerpt_length (number)
  • excerpt_signoff (string like ‚
  • placeholder_image_src (src of image you want to use as a default placeholder)
  • placeholder_image_id (id of image you want to use as a default placeholder)
  • show_media_only (true, false)
  • show_media_caption (true, false)
  • show_media_link (true, false)
  • media_hover (true, false)
  • show_figcaption_link (true, false)
  • hide_margins (true, false)
  • final_row_pad_empty (true, false)
  • show_date_created (true, false)
  • show_author (true, false)
  • show_categories (true, false)
  • show_tags (true, false)

  • if you use the built-in Gutenberg block editor for your website you can use the plugin’s bespoke ‚Gather‘ block to place the aggregator within your content as many times as you like in whatever arrangement.

  • The Gather block gives you a live preview within the Gutenberg editor.


Pro tento plugin nejsou žádné recenze.


Blocksolid Gather je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


Added better support for custom post type taxonomies – 16 May 2023


Replaced deprecated function get_page_by_title() – 10 March 2023


Fixed bug with tags not showing if only one tag – 15 February 2023


Default image caption from post title – 10 November 2022


Removed limit on tags and categories – 04 April 2022


Added a div to layout – 08 March 2022


Added way to move meta above title – 28 February 2022


Layout tweaks – 24 February 2022


Fixed bug with author link – 10 February 2022


Added way to move title and meta and also to add excerpt as summary at top – 09 February 2022


Tweaked to respect specified excerpts – 03 February 2022


Added a class to indicate the chosen number per row – 02 February 2022


Optionally show date last modified, author, categories, tags under post – 28 January 2022


Added ability to choose to exclude specific categories – 18 January 2022


Release Date – 07 January 2022

First release