Simple plugin to show a question + option to answer the question from on your WordPress website.


  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • If your site is not using Font Awesome already, turn the checkbox on in settings -> AskThis.
  • Go to and login into your account, go to a question and copy the HTML snippet (see screenshot 1).
  • Go to your wordpress website.
    • If you use the Gutenberg editor, click on ‚+‘ sign to add a new block, choose ‚Own HTML‘ and paste the HTML snippet code and save the changes.
    • If you use the classic editor, go the ‚code editor‘ and past the HTML snippet code where you want and save the changes.
    • In a widget, go to widgets and past the snippet code in a ‚Own HTML‘ widget.

Časté dotazy

The Smiles or thumbs up/down answers are not visible

Did you enable Font Awesome library for your site? (settings -> AskThis and enable the checkbox)

A question does not appear

  • Did you already answered the question? If a question is answered it does not appears again (based on the IP-address).
  • Are there errors on the browser console?
  • Please feel free to contact AskThis for more help on


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Přehled změn

0.1 First release
0.2 Text fixes/typo’s/update translation
0.3 Add option to show feedback for each answer yes/no | Fix to show question on multiple pages | Option to show a question after it is answered yes/no (based on the IP-address).