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ApparelCuts Spreadshirt for WordPress


Synchronize your Spreadshirt Shop with your WordPress Database.

Important notice: Currently this Plugin works only for older Spreadshirt Shops. Support for new shops will follow when Spreadshirt introduces their API v2

Create a fully customized Shop! Allows to customize almost every aspect of your Spreadshirt Shop.

* Synchronizes Shop and WordPress. Creates Custom Post Types and Taxonomies for common Shop Resources
* Use WordPress to enrich your shop with your own content
* Includes basic styles
* Basket/Cart
* Sort products and designs into groups
* Add tags to designs
* Hierarchial designs – manage different designs together ( for example if you have a design for light and dark clothing )
* Sketchomat T-Shirt Designer ( Custom Post Type, Shortcode )
* Deeplink Generator
* Shipping costs calculator ( Shortcode )
* Embed service pages directly ( Shortcode )
* PHP Proxy for accessing the Spreadshirt API via Javascript
* Easy to use API Framework for accessing the Spreadshirt API through php and javascript included

Website & Pro-Version
Support & Forum
Donate via Patreon
Donate via PayPal

Supports all of Spreadshirts platforms and countries. A Spreadshirt user account is required.

Translations currently include english, german

The plugin is not an official Spreadshirt Plugin. Spreadshirt® is a registered trademark of AG
Spreadshirt Europe
Spreadshirt America
Spreadshirt API

Snímky obrazovky

  • The included Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Pages
  • The Synchronization Screen
  • Default styled Product Page
  • Floating Basket
  • T-Shirt Designer Custom Post Type with Deeplink Generator
  • Design Edit Screen


  1. Upload Plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Enter your Shop Id and API Credentials on the \“Settings\“ page
  4. Go to the \“Synchronization\“ page and hit \“Start\“


2. 5. 2019
I installed the plugin on a page, where the content is presented via ajax calls. The plugin author immediately added a reload hook, so I can use this fine plugin now. Way better than the iframe solution offered by spreadshirt themselves!
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Přehled změn


  • Fixed bug that caused wrong language on producttypes


  • Compatibility Fix for jQuery versions below 1.9
  • Designer Script is now embedded locally instead from github
  • Fixed bug that caused wrong checkout language


  • First public release