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Introducing our Advanced Blog Post Block – a revolutionary tool for WordPress bloggers in search of unmatched versatility and design flexibility. This powerful plugin seamlessly integrates three distinct layouts: Post Grid, Post List, and Post Magazine. With the Post Grid option, captivate your audience with visually stunning displays that highlight your content in an eye-catching grid format. Opt for the Post List layout for a clean and organized presentation, ideal for users prioritizing simplicity and readability. For those aiming for a magazine-style aesthetic, the Post Magazine layout combines engaging visuals with compelling headlines, creating an editorial masterpiece. Elevate your WordPress blogging experience with the Advanced Blog Post Block – your all-in-one solution for dynamic, customizable, and visually striking content layouts.

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  • Layouts: This block is enriched with grid, list and Tiles preset layouts

  • Container Width: You can customize the custom container width for a responsive design.

  • Responsive Column: Get column number, column gap, row gap to customize.

  • Post Query: Filter your posts by queries like posts per page, categories, tags, authors, include posts, exclude posts, order by, order and offset post.

  • Post Heading: Include a post title, subtitle, and divider above the post..

  • Feature Image: Show/Hide the feature image and also enable/disable the link.

  • Post Title: Toggle the visibility of the post title, adjust title length, modify title tag, enable/disable hyperlink, and customize typography settings.

  • Post excerpt: Activate or deactivate the visibility of the post excerpt, customize the excerpt length, display excerpts from content, and enable the Expansion Indicator.

  • Date: Display or hide the date and customize the date format according to your preference.

  • Reading Time: Show or conceal reading time and include a custom suffix.

  • Author: Display or hide the author, incorporate an author prefix, and include an author icon.

  • Taxonomies in Meta: Show taxonomies in the metadata, including tags.

  • Comment: Display comment count.

  • Read More: Custom read more label and set the option to open in a new tab.

  • Pagination: Display pagination along with custom text for the previous and next buttons.

  • Style: Customize all content styles with responsive options for padding, margin, and font size.

  • Responsive Control: Responsive control has been implemented to enhance flexibility.

  • Animation: Over 53+ animation effects have been integrated.

  • Custom Css: You have the option to include custom CSS.

Advanced blog post block Pro for Gutenberg

  • 10 Grid Templates
  • 3 List Templates
  • 7 Magazine Templates
  • CodeCanyon Quality Code Standards
  • Masonary blog Post Layouts Templates (Coming soon)

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  • Advanced blog post block

Using Build Tools (npm and webpack)

To modify or rebuild the plugin using npm and webpack, follow these steps:

  1. Install Node.js and npm on your system if not already installed.
  2. Navigate to the plugin directory in your terminal.
  3. Run npm install to install dependencies listed in package.json.
  4. Make your desired modifications to the source code.
  5. Run npm run build to compile and bundle the code using webpack.
  6. The compiled code will be available in the designated build directory for use.

Build directory


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  • Advanced Blog Post Block Craft an eye-catching and dynamic visualization to elevate the appeal of your blog


Installation is fairly straightforward. Install it from the WordPress plugin repository.
If you don’t know how then:-
Install by upload plugin:-
1. Go to
2. Go to plugins and search “Advanced blog post block”
3. Download This.
4. Go to Dashboard click on Plugins->Add New->Upload Plugin->Choose File->Install Now->Active.

** Install by search plugin:-
1. In your Admin, go to Plugins > Add New
2. Search “Advanced blog post block”
3. Click to install
4. Activate the plugin

Nejčastější dotazy

What steps should I take to begin using Gutenberg?

For a complete immersion in the advanced WordPress block editor, ensure your WordPress theme is Gutenberg-ready.

Is it mandatory to install the Gutenberg Plugin for utilizing Advanced blog post block?

No, it is not mandatory to install the Gutenberg Plugin for utilizing the Advanced Blog Post Block. The block is designed to work within the native WordPress block editor without the need for additional plugins.

Does this provide responsive support for various devices?

Yes, it offers responsive support for various devices, ensuring optimal display and functionality across different screen sizes and types of devices.

Is pagination included in this plugin?

Yes, pagination is a built-in feature of this plugin. It’s important to note that pagination works only in the frontend.

Is it possible to show or conceal post elements?

Yes, you can control the visibility of various post elements, including the title, featured image, meta-data, excerpt, comments, pagination and the „Read More“ button. This allows you to customize the display of these elements based on your preferences and requirements.

Is it possible to customize the styles of the post elements?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to change the content alignment, background, padding, margin, box-shadow and border, as well as customize the typography, colors, and spacing for all elements, including the title, metadata, excerpt, and read more button within the Advanced Blog Post Block.

Where can I find assistance or support?

Feel free to share your questions on the support forum here provided.


  1. Layout 1 /assets/screenshot-1.jpg
  2. Layout 2 /assets/screenshot-2.jpg
  3. Post Query /assets/screenshot-3.jpg
  4. Layout 4 /assets/screenshot-4.jpg
  5. All Settings /assets/screenshot-5.jpg
  6. Custom Date & Pagination /assets/screenshot-6.jpg
  7. Style Control /assets/screenshot-7.jpg
  8. Advanced Tab /assets/screenshot-8.jpg
  9. Layout 3 /assets/screenshot-9.jpg
  10. Border, Box-shadow, custom id & z-index, Responsive Control /assets/screenshot-10.jpg
  11. Layout 4 /assets/screenshot-11.jpg
  12. Custom Container Width /assets/screenshot-12.jpg
  13. Animation, Custom Css control /assets/screenshot-13.jpg
  14. Margin, Padding, Background Control /assets/screenshot-14.jpg


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