Admin Menu Tree Page View


The Admin Menu Tree Page View WordPress plugin adds a page tree to all your pages – directly accessible in the admin menu. This way all your pages will be available within just one click, no matter where you are in the admin area.

You can also add pages directly in the tree and you can quickly find your pages by using the search box.

Note: This plugin has changed ownership and it will be updated soon with WordPress compatibility changes, JavaScript tweaks and new PHP requirements. Stay tuned!

Top features

  • Change the order of your pages with drag-and-drop
  • View all your pages – no matter where in the admin you are
  • View the page hierarchy/the tree structure of your pages
  • Compatible with WPML, so if you in WPML’s language menu have selected to view german pages, then only the german pages will vi visible in the admin menu tree too.
  • Add pages directly after or inside another post – no need to first create the post and then select the parent of the page
  • Adds link to view a page directly from the admin menu – you don’t have to first edit the post and from that page click the view link

Works perfect in CMS-like WordPress installations with lots of pages in a tree hierarchy.

If you want a tree with all your pages, but don’t want it visible all the time, please check out my other plugin, CMS Tree Page View.


The plugin is translated into these languages:

  • Spanish (thanks to Andrew Kurtis/WebHostingHub)
  • Slovak translation (thanks Branco)
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish

Snímky obrazovky

  • You can expand/collapse sub-pages. Keeps the meny compact, but gives you the option to instantly dig deep down the page hierarchy.
  • Search your pages in real time. Try it; it's wonderful! 😉
  • Quickly add single or multiple pages. Great for setting up the structure for a new site.


  1. Upload the folder „admin-menu-tree-page-view“ to „/wp-content/plugins/“
  2. Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress
  3. Hotovo!

Now the tree with the pages will be visible in the admin menu to the left.


17. 9. 2020
This plugin saves A LOT of time looking for a post or page. The search results for a page are instant allowing you to click edit or view very quickly, rather than using the wordpress search and waiting - especially if you have 100's of pages/posts. Saved a lot of time when editing multiple pages. Works with version 5.5x (or at least it does with my installations).
11. 6. 2020
One of my clients has over a hundred pages on her site, and this little fly-out menu makes finding the one I need to update much more of a breeze than it used to be. The plugin has been with me on her site for years and is still working with no conflicts as of WordPress version 5.4.2. with 45 other plugins.
4. 10. 2019
Great plugin use it on all my sites. Recommend it to all that I work with.
18. 8. 2019
Thank you for this plugin. Until now I wasted so much time on the pages menu, waiting for it to expand, and then going through the entire process (waiting) every time I needed to switch pages. Love the flyout, and love the ability to add a sub-page right from the navigation menu. This plugin saves our precious time! +1
16. 1. 2018
This plugin will speedup my workflow editing pages, thank you! I was looking to modify the plugin with some additional functionalities, but I came to realize there weren't specific selectors so I could collapse all private or draft pages. Quickly modding this nice plugin just came to a halt, at least for now. I will inspect your code later on so I can get this done.
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Přehled změn


  • FIX: Fixed conflicts with other post types (thanks Steph Wells (@sswells))
  • UPDATE: Removed unused jquery.client.js file
  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility

2.7.1 (August 2018)

  • Don’t only rely on nonce when adding or moving pages, also check current user capability.

2.7 (January 2018)

  • Add nonce check when moving page and adding new pages.


  • Make hidden page not clickable. Fixes
  • Load icons localy instead. Fixes




  • CSS fixes for new admin theme in WordPress 3.8. Thanks to Américo Cruces for making most of the the nice changes.


  • Fixed a bug that caused errors when bulk editing posts


  • Added Italian translation. Thanks!


  • Added Dutch translation. Thanks!


  • Added Slovak translation. Thanks Branco.


  • Hopefully loads scripts and styles over SSL/HTTPS if FORCE_SSL is set.


  • Fixes for popup on WP 3.5
  • Replaced live() with on() for jQuery
  • Small CSS fixes, for example search box label being a bit off


  • Fix for search highlight being to big


  • Fix for flyout menu not working


  • Fixed: major speedup, like 300 % faster generation of the tree
  • Fixed: added is_admin()-check to the plugin, the plugin code is only parsed when in the administration panel. This could make the public part of your site some milliseconds faster.


  • Fixed: icons where misplaced when using minimized admin menu.
  • Fixed: page actions where not visible when using minimized admin menu.
  • Fixed: hopefully works better with WPML now.


  • Fixed: forgot to remove console.log at some places. sorry!
  • Updated: Drag and drop now works better. Still not 100%, but I can’t find the reason why I does order the pages a bit wrong sometimes. Any ideas?


  • Added: Now you can order posts with drag and drop. Just click and hold mouse button and move post up/down. But please note that you can only move posts that have the same level/depth in the tree.


  • Fixed: post titles where not escaped.


  • Could not edit names in Chrome
  • Removed add page-link. pages are instead added automatically. no more clicks; I think feels so much more effective.


  • moved JS and CSS to own folders
  • can now add multiple pages at once
  • can now set the status of the created page(s)


  • An ul that was opened because of a search did not get the minus-sign
  • New „popup“ with actions when hovering a page. No more clicking to get to the actions. I really like it!


  • The plus-sign/expand link now works at least three levels down in the tree


  • Tree now always opens up when editing a page, so you will always see the page you’re ediiting.
  • When searching, the parents of a page with a match is opened, so search hits will always be visible.
  • When searching and no pages found, show text „no pages found“.
  • CSS changes for upcoming admin area CSS changes in WordPress (may look wierd on current/older versions of WordPress…)
  • Some preparing for using nestedSortable to order the pages


  • Children count was sometines wrong.


  • Added functionality to expand/collapse


  • View link now uses wordpress function get_permalinks(). Previously you could get non-working links.


  • Swedish translation added
  • Moved load_plugin_textdomain to action „menu“ instead of „init“


  • Fixed a couple of small bugs
  • Prepare for translation
  • Moved JS to own file


  • Removed some notices
  • Added a search/filter box. Search your pages in real time. I love it! 🙂


  • Some CSS changes. The icons and text and smaller now. I think it’s better this way, you can fit so many more pages in the tree now.
  • Now you can add new pages below or as a child to a page. For me this has been the feature I’ve missed the most.


  • It’s alive!