Address Autocomplete Anything


This plugin is unique in that it allows you to add a Google Address Autocomplete to anything on your WordPress website. It is not made to be specific for any one e-commerce, form, LMS, or other WordPress plugin… is compatible with them all!

Address Autocomplete is my favorite feature on any e-commerce site or any time I need to fill out a form on a website. Originally built for our other plugin, Sunshine Photo Cart, I realized I could make this available to work for anything.

How it works

By using CSS selectors (don’t worry non-tech person, it is easier than you think and a simple help article and video is available!), you can add Address Autocomplete to Anything! Provide a selector for which input field on your page you want to trigger the address autocomplete when a user types, and then the CSS selectors to target for the address data.

What you need

You only need to get a Google Maps API key. Although billing info is required, most sites will never be charged as the free limit is quite high.

Visit the documentation

Upgrade to Premium

  • Get unlimited instances on your site
  • More detailed data fields (latitude, longitude, county, neighborhood, sub localities, etc) to use for population
  • Automatically integrate with popular e-commerce and form plugins with one-click set up:
    ** WooCommerce (Shortcode and Block Checkout, My Address in Account)
    ** Gravity Forms (Address Field)
    ** LifterLMS
    ** Paid Memberships Pro
    ** …and more coming very soon!

Get Premium here

Snímky obrazovky

  • Plugin settings
  • Sample form showing how address autocompletes works


  1. Upload and activate the plugin
  2. Get a Google Maps API key
  3. Go to Settings > Address Autocomplete and to enter Google Maps API key and form settings
  4. Get the CSS selectors for your form and put into the settings


26. 12. 2023
Easy, nice demo of one form in the free version, great support…Derek listens, and considers all suggestions.
21. 6. 2023
Super easy to use and great documentation.
17. 6. 2023
This plugin does its intended job very well! Support is also excellent, acknowledging an issue and providing an update in a timely manner.
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Address Autocomplete Anything je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • More console logging to help debug
  • NL added to list of countries to do reverse street address format


  • Fix – Load Google maps with async


  • Fix – Handle address1 when there is no street number


  • Update – Allows more than just addresses, will now accept establishment names
  • Fix – Spaces causing issues in before/after attributes


  • Fix – stripslashes on CSS selectors to handle quotes when saving settings


  • Fix – Enqueue Google Maps requires callback function


  • Update – Better input replacement method and allow for „before“ and „after“ attributes
  • Add – Minified version of frontend.js for even smaller footprint


  • Fix – Handle special case UK city/county things


  • Add – „wps_aa_load_scripts“ filter to allow disabling loading of JS files as requested by user for GDPR compliance


  • Change – Complete redo of the way selectors and data fields are chosen for population for even more flexibility


  • Update documentation links throughout and link to review
  • Release to repo for the first time


  • Fix – More esc_* and sanitization


  • Initial submission to repo