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addictivepoints is an instant loyalty and rewards platform that provides a simple, flexible and effective loyalty solution for your business. Customers collect points from any of our partner sites and can then exchange them for 10,000 different products and services.

We have just launched a free starter package that will reward your customers for up to 3 actions including visiting your site daily, liking your brand page on facebook and following you on twitter.

As part of the package you will also receive access to a dashboard where you will be able to see who’s been collecting points on your site, along with demographic and visitor related data. As a partner you will also be promoted within the partner pages on

Current partners include a huge range of businesses ranging from consumer driven events, content and transactional sites to many different business sectors from design agencies, magazines, cleaning companies, motorbike and baby food manufacturers, construction, financial services, events organisers, technology suppliers, holiday businesses and zoos.

Partners have already benefitted from the following results and increases:

o Daily visits increase by more than +1100%

o Facebook likes increase by +600%

o Revenues increase by a whopping +46%

Sign up now on

Once you see the immense benefits of our free starter package and because we’re not totally immune to commercial opportunities you will have the opportunity to upgrade your package to drive even further value for your business.

Steps to get started:-

1 : Register on

2 : Fill in the details for your site.

3 : Follow the simple stepped registration process.

4 : Note down the addictivepoints API key; it’s needed at plugin activation.

5 : Install the plugin (see below).

6 : Navigate to the administration page and paste in your API key.

7 : Select where you want the addictivepoints tab to appear on your site.

8 : Click ‚save configuration‘; you’re set to start rewarding your visitors.

NOTE : There may be a small delay while your account is approved. Once your account is approved, you will be able to access more information about your visitors from your addictivepoints Dashboard. You will also be able to get access to your API key.


  1. Upload the addictivepoints folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.

  3. Navigate to the addictivepoints settings menu to enter your API key and select where you want the addictivepoints tab to appear on your site.

Nejčastější dotazy

A question that someone might have

Q : Is addictivepoints really free?

A : Yes, you can reward site visitors for Daily Visits, Facebook likes and Twitter follows.

Q : Can I generate my own actions to reward for?

A : Yes, you can upgrade to the Flexible or Bespoke addictivepoints packages to add in even more actions to reward for. You can see some example packages here:

Q : So I can give away free points on my site and visitors get points, what can they do with them?

A : They can use the points they collect to purchase items which addictivepoints offers at

Q : So I don’t have to pay anything to use this service?

A : Nope, it’s completely free. We think you’ll like the ability to award points for other actions on your site and be persuaded to upgrade, but if you don’t, that’s fine too.


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