ACF: Better Search


Tento plugin přidává k základnímu vyhledávání WordPressu možnost procházet i obsah vybraných polí z pluginu Advanced Custom Fields.

Everything works automatically, no need to add any additional code. The plugin does not create a search results page, but modifies the SQL database query to make your search engine work better.

Dodatečně můžete hledat celou frázi místo jejich jednotlivých slov. Výsledek vyhledávání tak bude mnohem přesnější.

New search core

We modified the code of search engine. Content search is now faster by about 75% (depending on the level of complexity of searched phrase)!

Support to the development of plugin

We spend hours working on the development of this plugin. Technical support also requires a lot of time, but we do it because we want to offer you the best plugin. We enjoy every new plugin installation.

If you would like to appreciate it, you can provide us a coffee. If every user bought at least one, we could work on the plugin 24 hours a day!

Please also read the FAQ below. Thank you for being with us!

Snímky obrazovky

  • Snímek obrazovky s nastavením.


  1. Nahrajte plugin do složky /wp-content/plugins/acf-better-search nebo jej instalujte přímo přes WordPress pluginy.
  2. Activate plugin through Plugins screen in WordPress Admin Panel.
  3. Use Settings -> ACF: Better Search screen to configure the plugin.

Nejčastější dotazy

Které verze Advanced Custom Fields jsou podporované?

Advanced Custom Fields in version 5 (also free). ACF below version 5 has a different data structure in database and is not supported.

V jakých polích plugin vyhledává?

Our plugin supports the following fields: Text, Text Area, Number, Email, Url, File, Wysiwyg Editor, Select, Checkbox and Radio Button.

All these fields may be located in both the Repeater or Flexible Content field.

Jak to funguje?

Plugin změní všechny SQL queries rozšířením standartního vyhledávání o vybrané pole Advanced Custom Fields.

The plugin in admin panel works same as for the search page.

It works for WP_Query class.

How to activate advanced search?

Everythings works automatically. For custom WP_Query loop and get_posts() function also if you add Search Parameter.

What to do when not searching for posts?

Sometimes it happens that the data in your database is incorrectly arranged. This happens when you import or duplicate posts.

You can use Incorrect Mode. This is a slower search, but it does not take into account the order of records in the _postmeta table. This solution should help in this situation. Use of this mode is allowed without restrictions. This does not mean any problems with your website.

Jak vyhledávat celé fráze?

The default search in WordPress is to search for each of words listed. An additional option in the plugin settings allows you to search for occurrences of the whole phrase entered in the search field without word division.

You can enable it at any time.

How does Lite mode work?

In this mode, the plugin does not check the field types. Phrases are searched in all ACF fields. Thanks to this, the query to the database is smaller and faster by about 25%. However, we do not have control over which fields are taken into account when searching.

Is the plugin completely free?

Yes. The plugin is completely free.

However, working on plugins and technical support requires many hours of work. If you want to appreciate it, you can provide us a coffee. Thanks everyone!

Thank you for all the ratings and reviews.

If you are satisfied with this plugin, please recommend it to your friends. Every new person using our plugin is valuable to us.

This is all very important to us and allows us to do even better things for you!


2. 5. 2024
I spent the good part of a day trying to customise my wp_query object to search by keyword in post content and acf field and failed. I installed this and it worked out of the box. No config required. I fixed a problem in 15 seconds that I had been trying to resolve for hours.
8. 11. 2023
In the past, I’ve used pre_get_posts() to filter in some ACF fields to my searches. And, you know what they said about pre_get_posts(), if that’s the solution to your problem, now you have 2 problems. This plugin has been immensely helpful in simplifying the process of adding ACF fields to search queries. Huge thanks!
7. 11. 2023
This plugin saved me so much time and made it possible to quickly and easily include Custom fields added via ACF Pro to the search results. Both my Theme provider and ACF Pro themselves told me that it was not possible to do what this plugin enabled me to do in seconds.
27. 10. 2023
Can’t fault it – it works with no configuration, but looks to have settings for those who need them, thanks for a useful plugin.
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Přehled změn

4.2.1 (2024-04-12)

  • [Fixed] Searching for content in file field when Lite Mode is active
  • [Fixed] UX of plugin settings page
  • [Added] Support for WordPress 6.5

4.2.0 (2023-09-11)

  • [Fixed] Duplicated search results for modified SQL query

4.1.1 (2023-06-29)

  • [Added] Filter acfbs_field_types to add new supported field types

4.1.0 (2023-03-02)

  • [Changed] Appearance of plugin settings page
  • [Added] Support for Table field type generated by Advanced Custom Fields: Table Field plugin
  • [Added] Support for WordPress 6.2

See changelog.txt for previous versions.